Wednesday, December 31

Thursday, December 25

What Happened

As to be expected, we really didn't have time to update the blog once things got rolling. Saturday night around 11am, more contractions started. These were pretty tough, but we had false alarms before, so we waited it out for a few hours before heading into the hospital around 3am. After some observation and tests we were told we weren't far along enough and sent home *again*. Contractions kept going all night and through the next day. Around 5pm on Sunday we headed in again, her water broke as she put on her shoes, and were finally admitted for good. Contractions were coming on stronger now, making the ones on Saturday night a pleasant memory. Steph was given a low dose of morphine to help her sleep. Thing is, it only really works *between* contractions. So she would have a contraction, immediately pass out into a deep sleep once it was finished, only to wake up again 2 minutes later with the next one, and not even realize she had slept. One of the Sutter nurses, Jennfier, volunteered to stay by Stephanie's side so I could get some rest. I got my forty winks (minutes) and around 6am we got moved to active labor since she was doig so well.

And then the contractions started to peter out. We were told to walk around some, and get ready for induction. We were both still exhausted, so we drug our feet a bit. Took a few laps around the hall, ate breakfast really slowly, took our time with a shower, and generally waited for the nurses to come to us and napped inbetween. The ward was packed that day, with us overhearing the words "pre-term" and "c-section" more than anyone would like to. (Not directed at us, thankfully.) The entire staff was running ragged everywhere, but still managed to be helpful and polite. By the time she actually got the Pitocin, it was around 10am. She had been having very, very strong and painful contractions all this time, and was nearing her breaking point. At 11am, we called in for an epidural. The midwife came in to check on her and said, "Well, I see a head, so how about we just have a baby?"

Stephanie took it all in stride (but a bit shocked at the sudden turn of events). Twenty minutes later, at 11:54am, Violet Isabella Perla was born. Eight pounds even, twenty and a half inches long, with a full head of hair and long eyelashes. The word "perfect" has been used to describe her several times since then.

Wednesday, December 24


You'll find them here in a bit.

We're home!

Deliriously happy. Going through photos now. Mommy's napping. More stuff and photos by tonight.

Things Daddy Doesn't Tell Mommy

So it wasn't until after Violet was born that Jourdan confessed that he'd seen Peanut was a girl during one of the ultrasounds. (Oh the blessing and curse of being a biology major.) What a good daddy that he let mommy be surprised and kept the secret for the entire ten months.

Monday, December 15


We'll be at the hospital tonight. Steph hasn't been sleeping well lately so they want to keep her overnight to help her sleep and monitor her contractions. Nothing bad, just thankfully going the extra mile for us.

Looking for a plan

We're heading in to see the midwives this morning to get a rough timeline for when they'll induce. We aren't inducing today, and we don't know when they will. That's what we're heading in for. We're hoping to avoid Christmas for a variety of reasons.

Saturday, December 13

Peanut is so tricksy

The labor contractions ended just as quickly as they came. Still waiting for Peanut...

Friday, December 12


We're getting closer now. Stephanie was up all night with contractions. Once they got regular we called the midwives and headed into the hospital. Stephanie got checked out and they decided it was too early to keep her. They sent us home with some pills to help her sleep. (She got literally no sleep.) Came home and went to bed around 5am. She's still sleeping, so I assume things have calmed down some. I'm going to let her sleep as long as possible.

I've opened up my Twitter account ( ) so I can send out mass updates from my cell phone. Yes, its completely geeky, but it's the easiest way to get the news out to as many interested parties as possible. I was going to use the blog here, but it's a pain to update without a real computer.

We're cautiously optimistic that this is leading to the home stretch, but we're just as unsure as anyone else. Thanks for your support and patience while we wait for little Peanut to arrive.

Monday, December 8

Happy Due Date!

This pregnancy has been full of surprises and not at all what I expected; but when all is said and done I'm glad we decided to have a baby. Today marks the last 'official' day of my pregnancy and I've carried Peanut to term and completed the necessary 40 weeks. Now I just wait for the little one to make his or her debut.

Sunday, December 7

Contractions Make Me Say OW!

Last night, I was woke up by some contractions. Each time I feel a mini contraction I get so excited but this time there wasn't time to think about being excited. Only time to think...OW! I had some more mini contractions earlier so Jourdan and I went to walk around for a bit while my dad stayed home and watched the football game.

Friday, December 5

Nesting & Dr. Appt.

After a restful nights sleep, I woke up with the desire to clean, clean, clean. I finished cleaning the house around noon and then Jourdan and I went off to meet with the mid-wife. All the midwife would say was it's time to wait and it seems like I'm getting closer to having a Peanut.

Today Dad put up the outdoor Christmas lights today. They look super cute!

Thursday, December 4

Contractions Begin...

Today at 11 I started having contractions that lasted until around 3. We called the midwives and sounds like I'm having a few pre-labor contractions. 

Monday, December 1

Ready to have a Peanut...

I'm so ready to have Peanut now, just have to wait. 

This weekend, Jourdan and dad took down the old baby crib and dad bought us a rocking chair. Interestingly enough, the woman we bought the chair from was from Oklahoma and went to the same university as dad and I. We also went to the Mother and Baby source and I bought cloth diaper inserts and other last minute purchases. It was a busy weekend but a very productive one.

Last night we had dinner at Cynthia's...(yummy lasagna!) and watched football. Just before we left I got this horrible stitch in my side. I called the midwife and checked that everything was okay and she agreed that most likely I just pulled a muscle. Luckily I'm feeling much better this morning. 

I also had more little contractions yesterday night so I'm hopeful we'll be having a little Peanut soon!

Tuesday, November 25

Dad really helps...

It is such a blessing to have my dad staying with us. He's already getting proficient on "pass out prevention" and has been helping me keep house. Also having him around has helped Jourdan relax and not worry so much about me. Plus I took a midday nap and still got up with plenty of time to spare before we left to pick up Jourdan at work. Tonight he bought groceries and made us taco salad for dinner tonight. Having Dad here is such a big help.

Tomorrow we have another baby appointment meanwhile Dad is going to stay home to wait for the plumber to stop by to fix the toilet in the guest bathroom.

Monday, November 24

Picking up Grandpa

Got the house clean enough for my Dad. I'm tracking his flight on my laptop and watching 'No Reservations' with Anthony Bourdain. I'm also ichatting with Jourdan a.k.a. he's keeping an eye on me and making sure I don't push myself too hard.

Sunday, November 23

Maternity Leave Checklist

I'm just not the type not to have a project, so Saturday when I took 2 naps and didn't get around to raking the leaves or sweeping the floors, it felt weird. Jourdan reminded me, once again, that I'm supposed to be taking it easy and relaxing, but the idea of not doing a project feels so foreign to me. So last night I did our laundry and washed the baby's clothes...well half of them. There are just so many cute little clothes to wash and I know that Dad is bringing several with him when he arrives tomorrow. So I figure another load of baby laundry on Monday night will be in order.

This morning while packing my hospital bag (Mesena will be so proud of me!) I started having a few more light contractions. Perhaps Jourdan isn't the only one trying to remind me to take it easy.

Friday, November 21

Maternity Leave Begins

It's hard for me to believe but I'm actually on maternity leave now. The baby really is coming soon and it is starting to feel very very real.

At lunch, Adam, Mesena, Stephanie and Andrea took me out for lunch at Uncle Vito's and out for frozen yogurt at Yogurt Shack. A very nice way to celebrate my last day.

When I left the office it seemed so strange that I wouldn't be returning there until next year. It still feels strange and surreal.

Thursday, November 20

Baby Appt.

Good news, Peanut's head is still down, his/her heartbeat is still strong and everything is going well. Today's baby appointment was pretty quick we talked mostly about what shots Peanut will get after birth and that all the tests came back negative from last week so I too am healthy. We also got a handout about when to call and advice that most babies arrive during week 39-41. Now it is time for the waiting game.

Wednesday, November 19

Peanut flipped!

At the hospital now for the version appointment, but Peanut has flipped on their own. Very good news for Mom. Bad news for Josie the Cat. While coaxing Peanut to get in the right spot, we promised them a new kitten.

Thursday, November 13

Peanut Takes a Little Too Much After Mommy

So we had another baby appointment today, the baby is fine and well. Peanut has a healthy heartbeat and everything looks good. It's just one matter that isn't sitting pretty...Peanut is in the wrong position. Apparently just like mommy, Peanut is going to be breech. We've got an appointment for next Wednesday to turn Peanut over at labor and delivery. Hopefully, unlike me, Peanut will actually stay in position. But if not, apparently even I turned into position at the very last moment. And there are three doctors at Sutter Davis that are willing to deliver a breech baby (assuming I meet the criteria), so hopefully Peanut is due on the day one of them is in rotation.

We also scheduled our next five appointments, including one after my anticipated due date. We'll see if Peanut decides to arrive early like many of my co-workers are suggesting. I'm not so sure, I think Peanut, once again, is just like me and will stay in until the bitter end.

Good news! My dad is flying in to Sacramento on November 24th! It's such a blessing to have him staying with us while I'm on maternity leave.

Wednesday, November 12

Cat nap on the office floor

I've been super tired so taking a quick 40 winks on the floor of my office felt wonderful. So glad I never took the pillow home from when I had bruised ribs earlier this year.

Monday, November 10

Less than a month!

I can't believe it's less than a month before I can start anticipating meeting Peanut! My friend Emma is only 10 days away from her due date! 

And only 8 more days before I start maternity leave! Oh the countdown begins!

Daddy's Sick

Jourdan just got back from the doctor. Unfortunately, his temporary flu is actually a virus that should keep him wiped out for another few days. Apparently it's something that goes around Davis quite a bit and there's nothing to do except wait it out. While in the office, Jourdan got his flu shot and a tetanus shot as well.

Tonight, his flu like symptoms should be stronger than usual thanks to the shot, but with any lucky we can avoid bringing any flu to the Peanut.

Saturday, November 8

Still Active After All These Months

So I'm sitting at the dining room table, reading some website on the Internet and Peanut is busy keeping the beat on my stomach. Peanut might not be the most rhythmic but certainly the most active. I finally threw away the kick card Sutter Davis gave us because Peanut has always far exceeded the 10 kicks in 2 hours mark. In fact, tonight, Peanut gave me easily 30+ kicks in 10 minutes. To give Jourdan just a taste of the activity, I said "kick" every time Peanut kicked; I was going for quite a while. So much for the thought Peanut was going to settle down now that his/her room has diminished significantly as he/she has grown. Apparently Peanut will be kicking until the very end.

Monday, November 3


I am so tired. I slept like a log thanks to the massage last night but I am super sleepy this morning. I could blame it on the overcast weather but I know it's not the cloud's fault. I think what everyone has been telling me is true, I'm just going to be tired during the ninth month. 


Best Daddy Ever!

Starting Saturday, my stomach is offering less room for Peanut and my abdominal muscles are straining. Now bending over at the waist is not an option because the pain of the muscle moving across my belly is rather too much to take. Jourdan has been great and is now my picker upper helper. If and when I drop something he'll pick it up for me...this is such a relief.

Later on Saturday, he put together the pack 'n play that we received from the baby shower. Funny thing is he put it together in the living room and rolled it over to the bedroom, but it didn't quite fit through the door. So he took it apart again and now it's in place just waiting for Peanut to arrive.

Also in another show of great daddy/husband behavior, he gave me a back massage for 30 minutes Sunday night. I didn't realize how stiff my back and neck were until afterwards. Thanks to his massage, I fell asleep instantly and slept like a log. So in summation, Jourdan = BEST HUSBAND EVER.

Friday, October 31


Peanut and I are participating in Halloween this year. This year I'm using my baby belly as part of the outfit and dressed up as Juno from the movie of the same name. Jourdan is going to be dressed up as the boyfriend Paulie Bleeker later tonight, he didn't seem to want to wear running shorts to work. So today at work he's the evil network administrator.

We'll post pictures of our outfit later tonight. Oh and Jourdan says since next year is his pick for Halloween, he's going to be Indiana Jones, I'm going to be Lara Croft and Peanut is going to be a monkey. Oh and Josie is going to be a wild panter.

Tuesday, October 28

Baby Shower Photos!

Tonight was the baby shower my office threw for me! It was incredible! There was tons of great food--tamales, enchiladas, burritos, veggies and dip..AND TWO CAKES (red velvet cupcakes and a yellow sheet cake with chocolate frosting)!

Pictures from the baby shower are here.

The only sad thing was due to a cold that is circulating the office many of the people who have been working to plan this party weren't able to attend. Jeanne and Andrea as well as Adam were at home with a nasty cold virus that seems to be going around. We missed them all!

Midwife Appointment

Another visit with the baby midwife; everything is looking good! Peanut has a strong heartbeat and all the measurements are as they should be.

Today we talked about pain management during labor and Jourdan and I are both unanimously that anything and everything is an option. We also talked about my recent heartburn and the midwife wrote me a prescription for something that can help.

Our next appointment is in two weeks; hopefully by then Peanut will be situated in the right position (head down) for the upcoming delivery in December.

Monday, October 27

Telecommuting: Day 3

Today I went home at lunch to telecommute. I was feeling fainty all morning and just tired so I opted to go home, which was for the best since I had another episode in the car on the way home. I also had another two minor episodes that night. I was really hoping that I was getting over this but apparently..not so much. 

On the upside tomorrow is our office baby shower for me!! I am v. excited!

Sunday, October 26

It's so hard to stay home...

Jourdan and I just got invited to our friend Sandler and Tomoko's Housewarming Party in the Bay Area on November 8th. I really want to go but Jourdan reminded me of the last trip to Berkeley and how tired I was. I tried to convince him I could make this trip but later on I realized I'll be 36 weeks by that point and I really don't want to go into labor out of town. Right now, we've agreed to play it by ear, which is for the best, but I didn't realize how hard it would be for me to keep to our 'in-town' agreement.

Saturday, October 25


Friday night, I woke up from bed with this horrible burning sensation in my throat. Peanut was pressed high against my ribs which gave me heartburn like I have never known and shortness of breath. I got up from bed, took a few TUMS and drank some milk to no avail. I started walking around which helped a bit but eventually got tired again and rested in the chair. 

But alas Peanut was quite comfy in his/her spot and so the assault continued. I was becoming desperate and started crying from the pain and just the desire to go back to bed. Jourdan heard me, I left him in bed cause I thought he had to work the next morning (v. delusional when I haven't slept well), and he ran out to comfort me and help Peanut move. It took about twenty minutes of work on Jourdan's part but he got Peanut to move down and finally I got to sleep. It's such a reassurance to know that I have him to help me especially as we're looking forward to potential nights of lost sleep. 

Thursday, October 23

Taking my Fainting Show on the Road

Today I was really feeling great and getting a lot done between meetings. When it was time for lunch, me and Pam, a co-worker headed over to the cafeteria to get something for lunch. All of a sudden, while standing in line to check out I started to feel faint. Not my typical early morning faint with the white spots or white light but the woozy comes on fast faint. Thankfully Pam was there and recruited the cafeteria manager to help me find a place to sit down. Once I took a few bites of my apple and slurps of my soda, I felt better and realized I had completely forgotten to have my mid-morning snack! I chalk this one up to low blood sugar and a very forgetful me!

Tuesday, October 21

Telecommuting: Day 2

I was feeling okay this morning but then got a bit wobbly all of a sudden as we were heading off to the car, so I stayed home that morning. Jourdan came home and we had lunch together which was really nice and then he took me into work around 1. I am SO loving this working arrangement!!

Saturday, October 18

Trip to the Bay

Jourdan and I met up with Adam and Andrea in Berkeley to tour the Scharrfen Berger Chocolate Factory. Jourdan and I have taken the tour before but it was still a fun time. 

Prior to heading into the factory, Jourdan and I strolled down 4th Street, visited the new Brennan's Restaurant and picked up a little something at the Crate and Barrel outlet. After all the walking around 4th street, I was feeling a bit tired and my legs felt really stiff. For awhile I wondered if I was going to be able to make it through the tour. Luckily, my energy rebounded on the car ride from 4th Street to the factory, but Jourdan and I both decided any trips out of town are now on hold.

Here's a few pictures from the trip!

Also we tried Zachary's pizza for the time (v. yummy)!

Thursday, October 16

Telecommuting: Day 1

This morning was the first day I telecommuted to work! My boss and the other managers have been so wonderful and agreed to let me start telecommuting prior to my maternity leave since I've been rather fainty as of late. 

Getting to work from home is a real blessing. The hardest part of my day is ALWAYS waking up in the morning and getting out the door. Now that I have the option to just work from home I don't feel the need to push myself and save the sick time. Not to mention, I am so much more productive than I anticipated; working from home really helps me to focus and as an added benefit I feel better capable of meeting my work needs for my maternity leave.

Wednesday, October 15

Last Baby Class

Tonight was the last of our series of baby classes and this one focused on breast feeding. We both learned quite a bit and I'm nervous/excited about giving it a chance. I'm hoping that Peanut and I can figure this out together cause I feel like neither of us have a real idea about how this works.

Jourdan attended the class with me, which seemed natural enough to me, but a few dads were no-shows. I've been so lucky that he has been so supportive of me and helping me out as each week I seem to need help with something else that I didn't the week before.

The next time the class will meet is a "reunion" sort of event with each of the new families in attendance. At the end of the class, Nancy asked if anyone would be interested in forming a mom's group, so maybe we'll meet up earlier than the reunion.

Dr. Appointments: Midwives & Neurologists

Today we had two doctor appointments, the first was with the midwife to check up on Peanut. We talked about having a volunteer doula in the room with us. Doulas primarily just offer support to the support person and offer suggestions of things to try to help ease the mom's pain. Since I have NO idea what to expect during labor, nor does Jourdan, we're definitely interested in having someone else to help. Since the doulas are available only on a volunteer basis, we might have one there and we might not. But either way, we'll be fine but I see no harm in taking advantage of the services available to me.

The midwife also let Jourdan use the doppler to listen to Peanut's heartbeat. Peanut's heartbeat was strong and fast as usual but this time, Peanut showed great skill in locating the doppler pressed against my belly and kicking it. Apparently, Peanut really isn't too fond of us eavesdropping. 

I also got a flu shot and got a cute kids band-aid as well as we talked about picking out a pediatrician. Jourdan and I really liked the pediatrician we met during the 4th baby class so we made a prenatal appointment to visit with Dr. Lee in two weeks.

At the neurologist's office, we did more reflex tests and talked about how I've been feeling. I mentioned my recent severe fainting episodes and Dr. Miller agreed that the diagnosis is the same but that I just need to be careful to eat regularly and lay down when I feel faint. She also ordered more lab tests for me. Basically, same story as before I have low blood pressure and low blood sugar so when I feel faint I need to take it easy. To help my blood pressure, I need to continue to snack on salty things (yeah for pretzels) and for my blood sugar, I need to snack throughout the day. Luckily work is letting me telecommute, which Dr. Miller suggests I take advantage of, so I can avoid moving too much when I'm feeling woozy.

Thursday, October 9

Childcare Class

Last night, Jourdan and I went to the fourth class of our 'Open-Minded Childbirth' class series, this one focused on taking care of a newborn. We covered quite a bit in the class; swaddling, bathing, diapers (cloth vs. disposable), car seats, baby carriers and a local pediatrician visited to discuss vaccinations and answer other questions from parents.

My personal favorite moment: The teacher shows us the front of the baby doll she's just diapered and says "Now this looks right, doesn't it?" And as everyone looks up from their own doll she turns the doll to show us that the back of the diaper is just barely covering the doll's butt and says "But see this is a problem." And then one of the fathers says "I know, but it's the way the kids wear their clothes these days." BEST LINE EVER.

Tuesday, October 7

Lizard Face

Last night on the ride home, Jourdan and I were talking about Peanut and Peanut's potential names (G: Violet Isabella, B: Scott Everett or Jackson Everett) when Jourdan came up with a perfect new name: Lizard Face. Of course, I was instantly opposed to naming my child Lizard Face but Jourdan felt that we needed to give Peanut a say so he asked Peanut if he/she liked the name and of course just to spite me, Peanut kicked. Jourdan took this as confirmation that Peanut does in fact want to be named Lizard Face. Already they are siding against me, I am destined for a wild ride.

Monday, October 6

Fueled by Peanut Power

While waiting for Dr. Henchell to arrive, I laid back on the examination table and flipped through some random family magazine. Jourdan sat across from me and played with my new (yet to be nicknamed) iPhone. And Peanut as is typical, decided to play soccer with mommy's stomach. So basically a typical day in the life of the Perla family. At some point, Jourdan looked up from the iPhone and noticed that my shirt was moving. Yes, Peanut is now strong enough that each kick makes me stomach bounce and shake so even if he can't feel the Peanut-powered kicks you can easily see them. Considering our current energy crisis, I'm wondering if I can't bottle this Peanut-Power and fuel the car or a small factory.

The Results Are In..

Jourdan and I met with my GP yesterday and good news all around. My heart is doing just fine and my head isn't full of goombas. I just have really low blood pressure but the addition of more salt to my diet has seemed to help. I have a follow up with the neurologist next Wednesday and Peanut has an appointment with the midwives as well. 

All in all, everything is looking good for me and the kid.

Sunday, October 5

Quick Update

Just a quick update to let everyone know things are going fine. Peanut got checked out with another ultrasound and things are looking good. Mommy is going in for another checkup tomorrow, but is doing fine. Finished the first half of our "new parents" classes, with just two Wednesdays to go.

All in all, everything's good. Just busy with lots of stuff.

Wednesday, October 1

No Goombas & No Pulse

I met with the neurologist this afternoon; a very friendly doctor who knew the ways of the faint. I was really able to talk to her about how I feel when I'm passing out and she perfectly understood since she herself has done the same. She tested my reflexes, eye movement and asked me questions (two of which I almost failed!) which all checked out normal.

After reviewing my recent labs, she is pretty certain that my incredibly low blood pressure is the culprit. And that drinking more water will help me but I need to add salt to my diet since my salt levels are so low as well. Basically, I'm just passing all this water through because there is no salt in my body to hold on to it. She had me lay down for two minutes and took my blood pressure (90/52) and then had me stand up and not only could she not get a BP reading but she couldn't find a pulse. (Walking dead?) So, I'm supposed to try juice/gatorade in between the water to help me hold on to some of the good stuff as well as add more salt to my diet. I have a follow up appointment with her in two weeks.

We have TUMMY!

Yes, Houston...WE HAVE TUMMY! We went in for another ultrasound today and the doctor found the tummy, kidneys, head, spine and a very active Peanut. Also, Peanut has just the right amount of fluid to swim in. I didn't do too well in that resting position and had a little episode in the ultrasound room but soon I was feeling better and we moved on to our appointment with the midwife. Everything measures out just right and we got to listen to Peanut's heartbeat and hear Peanut kick the microphone. Apparently Peanut does not care for eavesdroppers.

Peanut has got me in a choke hold

I woke up from sleeping cause I had this strong burning sensation in my throat. It's been so long since I've felt the sting of heartburn but when coupled with short breath it's worse. I've heard from my friend Dorothy that this is incredibly normal but the feeling of Peanut sleeping against my lungs isn't something I hope to get used to. 

Jourdan had a great idea last night and started talking to the baby at the bottom of my belly. In response, Peanut woke up and moved lower giving me a chance to breath and waddle to the kitchen for a glass of milk. Afterwards I moved my pillows so that they are much higher now and gravity is helping to give my lungs and tummy some "breathing room" as well.

Tuesday, September 30

Huh? What? Oooh SHINY!

Lately, I've noticed that I'm losing my ability to focus. Such as when I'm reading the newspaper online, I can only read a max of three stories before the idea of reading more bothers me. And last night when I was reading one of Amy's baby books and Jourdan was playing a video game, I kept switching between the two activities to give my brain a reprieve from the other. I'm hoping this is just a new wonderful facet of being 30 weeks pregnant, but just in case I'm going to mention it to the neurologist when I see her tomorrow. 

But maybe I should listen to Dr. Jourdan, he suggested that perhaps what's happening is his DNA is taking control of my mind/body. ;)

Monday, September 29

The Best Beginning...

Jourdan took me back to Sutter Davis to get fitted for my halter monitor. Like the appointment nurse said the entire process took less than 15 minutes. So after she gives me my diary and tapes up my wires and hooks it all up to the monitor, we leave. As we're walking to the car, I try to pull up my pants and in the process pull off the wire. *sigh* I couldn't even make it TWO MINUTES without dislodging something. So Jourdan reattached the wire in the parking lot and I made a note in my diary.

On a happy note, thanks to all these recent trips to Sutter Davis (we've been there 3 times in the last 24 hours--baby class, echocardiogram, halter fitting) Jourdan is feeling quite comfortable with how to get to the hospital when it's time. 


We went in this morning for my echocardiogram. Everything looked good to me, my heart was pumping and made a good swishy sound. Luckily they'll be sending the images on to a cardiologist for an expert opinion this afternoon. We go back to Sutter Davis this afternoon so I can get fitted for my halter monitor to wear until tomorrow.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Peanut again on Wednesday during the 30 week ultrasound, a.k.a. can we find your tum tum, Peanut?

Sunday, September 28

Baby Shower Photos are up!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the baby shower today. We had a great time, and Stephanie is grateful for all your friendship and support. We are so lucky to have such caring (and generous!) friends.

We just posted the photos from today to our Baby Shower Flicker Set. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 25

Compliments to the Cook

Last night, Jourdan made hamburgers for dinner. Beef is without a doubt Peanut's favorite meal; I figured this out since after I eat beef, the number of kicks triples. Now that Jourdan can easily feel the kicks, we put his hand on my tummy while we watched a movie. It was great to get to share Peanut's kicks with Jourdan and let him receive compliments on the meal from our tiniest little diner.

Doctor Appointment

Jourdan and I met with Dr. Henchell (the Stephanie doctor) today. She's really not sure what to make of the IKEA incident so now we're going to rule out all the possibilities. I have to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist, neurologist, radiologist and wear a heart monitor. The plan is to rule things out so we can have a game plan for the upcoming weeks and pending delivery.

Sunday, September 21

Baby Class #1

Jourdan and I signed up for baby class earlier this summer and had our first class Sunday. We met the other eight couples in the class and watched a video all about labor and delivery. One highlight was when this woman was giving birth and the baby's head was out. The baby was white as a crayon and covered in bloody goo; so when the mom saw a reflection of the baby in the mirror she cried "That doesn't look like a baby at all!" Jourdan and several of the other dads and moms nicknamed the crayon baby--lizard baby. 

We also practiced how to focus and breath through contractions. Jourdan held an ice cube against my wrist and I took deep breaths and counted to help me focus through the annoyance. The nurse leading the class admitted that the ice cube wasn't a good substitute for a contraction but it was a good chance to practice. I found that having Jourdan breath with me helped me keep my calm.

We finished the class by taking a tour of the Sutter Davis hospital. It was so helpful to have a nurse take us through and give us tips about how to use the bed to be comfortable. We have another class about labor and delivery next Sunday, after the baby shower.

Me & Frat Boys

Sunday, Jourdan and I met Paul to have a free breakfast at IKEA. I ate my eggs and bacon but the siren call of cinnamon was quite strong so I got a cinnamon roll too. After breakfast we picked up a few picture frames and left to go home. On the ride home, I started feeling woozy and had an episode in the car, in the front yard and came back around on the couch. I'm grateful that we're going to see the Stephanie doctor on Thursday.

But this has made me think of a new joke: What do I have in common with a frat boy? We both pass out in the front yard!

Saturday, September 20

Something I Love: Jourdan's Surprise

To help me with my fainty-ness, Jourdan has decided on an early bedtime for everyone. We usually get in bed around 8:30 each night, sometimes I fall asleep right away and sometimes we just chat or read a book for a bit until I fall asleep. It takes Peanut a bit of time to settle in too. My favorite thing to do is lay on my side and let Jourdan feel Peanut kick and move. Something I absolutely love is hearing him gasp in surprise when he feels a kick or a move. He said once that he never really felt a baby kick so now I make of point of having his hand on my tummy as often as I can. There aren't a lot of ways for Peanut and Jourdan to bond just yet but feeling that sweet little kick is so wonderful that I love to share it with him.

Wednesday, September 17

Third TRY-mester

This morning I feel great! A bit on the huge side but feeling so wonderful, awake and ready for the day. It amazes me how different each morning can be. Just yesterday I was laying on the floor in my office, wondering if I could make it 'til nine. I suppose these constant ups and downs should be a good time for me to prepare for the uncertainty of being a mom.

On the exciting end of things, we've been receiving gifts for the Peanut. Our dear friends from Wisconsin (Catrina, Alu, Myrt & Amie) sent us a highchair for the Peanut. And a very dear student advisor in the office, Yassmin, gave us a super soft blanket and two new outfits.

I'm hoping to focus on getting the house in order for the baby. And ordering a crib this weekend to replace the crib we have which is missing a part that we can't replace. Right now it feels like everything is all about TRYING during this trimester. TRYING not to push myself too hard, TRYING to get everything done and TRYING not to eat too many scoops of Fenton's ice cream. ;)

Monday, September 15

Peanut has the floor!

Today at work, we had an inservice meeting about Accepting Change. The presenter talked about changes in life, at work, etc. During her presentation, Peanut decided to give me a swift kick to the lung and apparently my face must have changed due to the shock. The presenter interpreted that as a response to what she was staying instead and kept mentioning the changes babies can bring throughout the workshop. Apparently Peanut wanted the floor and decided the swiftest way to make his/her opinion known was a punch to the lung. 

Thursday, September 11

Dr. Appt for Mommy

Jourdan and I went in to see my new GP on Wednesday. Everything is fine but she wants to keep an eye on me so I'll be going back to see her in two weeks. I had a very minor episode this morning (didn't drink enough water) but overall I'm doing pretty good. I really think that having the Peanut on board is just enough to tax my system which already runs on low blood pressure (104/60..a nice high # for me!) and low blood sugar. 

My office is throwing a baby shower for me as well! I am so excited!

Sunday, September 7

Dr. Appt.

Jourdan and I went to our appt. with the midwife this week. Peanut is doing perfectly fine but I had another episode in the examination room. The midwife brought in some assistants and smelling salts and brought me back around. Afterwards they ordered some STAT lab tests and worked me in with a general physician (GP). We met with her and they performed an EKG, blood pressure tests and reviewed my lab tests with us. The good news is everything is normal or just a bit low. The GP's guess for the time being is that I need to seriously up my water intake since my volume was low. So now I have water before I go to bed, before I get out of bed and throughout the day. Since Davis water is horrific, Jourdan stocked us up on bottled water and ice. With this week being so warm it's a nice relief to stick back and take a sip of water from time to time. I have a follow up appt. with the GP next week to see how I'm doing. For the time being the water seems to be helping and I haven't had any serious spells, just a little morning wobbliness. 

Must Torture Paul...

At our housewarming party last week, Paul announced that I'm not allowed to ride in his Audi during the 3rd trimester. Of course a statement like this is only throwing the proverbial gauntlet, so now I MUST trick Paul into taking me in the Audi on a long trip to the Bay Area. Jourdan and I have even discussed which bridge we'll wait for until I start faking contractions. BWHAHAHA.

Friday, August 29

New Game: Kick the Daddy

I've been so eager for Jourdan to feel Peanut kick that I've been holding his hand to my stomach since week 20 but with no results. I really want Jourdan to be able to interact with the baby since it feels so one-sided right now with me telling him about our baby. 

So last night, after he finished reading "Baby, Oh Baby, the Places You'll Go" Jourdan, Peanut and I settled in for the night. Since Peanut was still feeling a bit active (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!) I moved Jourdan's hand over the baby bump in hopes that he might feel something, even though all the books say the baby won't be felt for another 3 weeks. And much to my delight, Peanut finally decided it was time to play Kick the Daddy and Jourdan got to feel two little kicks last night. 

Side note: I'm feeling much better now, drinking more milk, eating more beef and only feeling wobbly during my 1 a.m. bathroom breaks.

Monday, August 25

Speed Drills

This weekend, I'm was working on balancing my blood sugar and up my iron intake. Sunday morning I had another "episode" at Nugget Market but we made it home safely. I got quite upset about all this being out of my control (good training for a baby, no?) but I've realized I can still DO stuff I just can't go, go, go at my normal hyper speed. It's funny, one of my new years goals was to learn balance and while I've given up my 5k/a month goal, Peanut is helping me with another one. Sweet little baby.

Speaking of little, Peanut has definitely made his/her home bigger and my stomach has popped. I am now very pregnant looking and have started doing the pregnant chair sit. As frustrated as I am with giving up control of my body, I am loving the little one I'm giving my control up to. I delight in every little waddle and kick.

And kicks there have been, one morning I woke up to use the bathroom and when I went to lay down I counted 22 kicks in 30 minutes. Apparently Peanut belives that 5 a.m. is a great time to workout. I suppose I can't complain considering I too enjoy a morning workout. I'm just not used to being the punching bag.

ALSO, Jourdan's family gave Peanut 5 new Dr. Suess books to add to the book collection!

Thursday, August 21

Made It Past 8:30 A.M.

It is a day to celebrate. I made it past 8:30, I've started working and still no cold sweats or nausea. Wednesday I came into work figuring the extra iron pill was all I needed but unfortunately I was also suffering from low blood sugar. So the nurse now suggests I eat a hearty meaty breakfast to help sustain the Peanut and myself. Today I had sausage and eggs and feel really good. I am so embarrassed to get sick at work but am so eternally lucky to have such a great family of friends at work. I already have a stack of almonds and peanut m&ms on my desk. 

Tuesday, August 19

I'm Tired & Hungry & Peanut just wants Storytime

I stayed home on Monday and today since I've just been so tired. Not just sleepy but exhausted, mentally and physically. After an entire day of resting on Monday, Jourdan called the advice nurse and we went in for blood work to check my blood cell count. The good news is I'm doing fine and still luckily not anemic. But Jourdan suggested I start taking my iron pill anyway and unlike last night I am able to type on my laptop, carry a conversation and walk to the bathroom. A vast improvement. 

Also, of note, the strange cravings have arrived. Tonight I wanted cinnamon and eggs.

One last thing, Jourdan read "Oh the Places You'll Go" to Peanut tonight. And while Jourdan was reading Peanut calmed down, stopped kicking and just gently moved. It's amazing to feel them interact and then to feel Peanut calm down and just slowly move was very cool.

Friday, August 15

Case of the Missing Tummy

We went in for a follow up ultrasound since the last time, the tech wasn't able to find Peanut's stomach. Peanut's bladder was full which eased her mind but she recommended we come back again just to check on the tummy. So we went back in and as usual Peanut was in high spirits and moving like there was an all-night dance party going on and my bladder was the dance floor. The new tech looked and found the missing tummy but wasn't quite satisfied with the glimpses he got so the 'Case of the Missing Tummy' is on once again. I'm not too upset that we have another ultrasound at 30 weeks and the tech doesn't seem to think the relatively empty tummy is much of a problem either. So we'll see Peanut again in September!

Thursday, August 7

Doin' good!

Just had another check-up at the doctors today with a midwife. Both mom and baby are doing well. Mom is a bit tired, but Peanut is as active as ever. I even got to help out with listening for the heartbeat. 160 beats/min. Good job, Peanut!

Friday, August 1

Omega-3 and Pregnancy

I recently got a call from my friend Suzanne. She'd talked to my brother in Tulsa and heard that I was pregnant so she rang me up and we chatted about all things pregnancy and mommy-related. 

She asked how I was doing and if I was taking my vitamins, which I confirmed. Daily I'm downing my pink pre-natal vitamin and stinky gold see-through omega-3 fish oil pill . Suzanne had done the same when expecting her first, Braxton but with Gracie she hadn't been quite as rigorous with her fish oil pill schedule. She mentioned the health benefits of fish oil for the baby, which help with the development of the nervous system, brain and retinas and wondered if they really helped Braxton. She doubted their supposed benefits since Braxton was most recently caught eating dirt and licking the playground equipment at McDonald's while Gracie has yet to lick any swing sets or chew dirt. I imagine the dirt eating/swing licks have more to do with Braxton being a boy but Jourdan and I have been getting a good laugh about her story anyway. 

All this to say I really can't wait until I can stop taking these "fish pills," as I call them. They smell like fish and if I take them on an empty tummy I have fish-flavored burps until noon. So if and when Peanut is at the age to start eating dirt or licking swings and chooses to indulge, I will know who to blame.

Monday, July 28

Playtime with Dad

This weekend, Peanut had his/her first real playtime with Dad. Since Peanut now responds to Dad's voice, Jourdan made up the new "Kick Mommy" game. Peanut is of course a natural and whenever Jourdan gets near my tummy and says "Kick Mommy, Peanut" our little kicking bundle of joy responds by moving and kicking. Since Jourdan can't quite feel Peanut's kicks yet, I get the fun job of pushing Jourdan to let him know Peanut's responding. Daddy then cheers on Peanut which in turn causes Peanut to once again kick or move. 

Watching and feeling the two of them play together is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. I get a bit misty-eyed every time we play the game.

Friday, July 25

Red Car Factor

I call it the 'red car' factor: after you buy a red car suddenly you notice everyone has a red car. I had my 'red car' moment this week when I received an invitation to my friend Emma's baby shower. All of a sudden I've realized that being pregnant isn't a perpetual state of being in only a short few months I'll have a baby. A real baby.

I want to think the reason I haven't really clued into this obvious detail is simply without a big bumpy presence at my waist the whole 'baby' idea is more of a wishful thought instead of an excited reality. It's quite a mind shift but one that is very, very exciting! 

Also the invitation alerted me to the fact I need to register for baby things.

Wednesday, July 23

Every Mother Feels This Way..

I knew I was a mother when..

This morning I told Jourdan that I just knew Peanut was super smart and seriously advanced because Peanut started reacting to sounds from Daddy last week. And my weekly baby update email said that Peanut "might" be responding to sound this week or next. Yes, I knew I was a mother when.. I started bragging about how smart my lil Peanut is before he/she was even out of the womb. ((Peanut just kicked me to confirm this.))

Friday, July 18

TV with Peanut

Maybe watching TV with Peanut won't be too bad. I recall making my brother and dad watch Pinwheel, Today's Special and all sorts of things when I was a kid. But I think I would happily watch this with the Peanut.

Thursday, July 17

Ideas & Things for the Baby's Room

So I've been saving links and looking at nursery stuff for a while now. And we've finally come up with a theme, JUNGLE. It'll work for either a girl or a boy. Though I think husband wants it to be an all monkey jungle so I'm working to properly represent elephants and giraffes.

Below are a few of my current favorites.

Tuesday, July 15

We Start School in September!

Living in Davis, honestly in California, means a midwestern/southern girl like myself has to be "open-minded" and try not to be so quick to dismiss. I knew I needed to take Lamaze classes or something in order to get a little heads up on what to expect during labor; but the idea of sitting on the ground panting with other women and their spouses doesn't really appeal to me. It's sort of like me and yoga, I know it's beneficial for me to do but that doesn't always mean I'm going to go to class.

So after my co-worker, my flooring guy and my new nurse practitioner recommended these classes from Mother and Baby Source, I decided to look into it. On Sunday, I talked to the class leader and I was instantly reassured. She seemed incredibly down to earth and since she's a midwife at my hospital I figured she might offer some inside info for me and Jourdan.

So long story short; Jourdan and I are starting our "Open-Minded" Childbirth Education Classes this September with quite a few other couples who are expecting their babies around the same time as ours. I'm really excited about the class reunion that happens after all the babies are delivered and we get to meet all the new additions. 

Monday, July 14

Peanut Says Hello!

Today Jourdan and I went it for our first ultrasound during the second trimester. I've been so blessed/spoiled by the number of ultrasounds we've had that waiting for an entire month to see Peanut again, felt like an eternity. But it was so worth it! Peanut has really grown and looks much less peanutty now and much more baby like.

As usual Peanut was moving so much that it was hard for the ultrasound tech to get a clear shot, but she did get a classic! Peanut showed us his/her face and waved or more accurately, Peanut's hand was above her/his head when the ultrasound caught this shot.

We also got to watch Peanut swallowing, which is a new trick according to the baby books I'm reading. Peanut has a healthy spine which is instrumental in kicking and flipping around, two of Peanut's favorite hobbies.  We checked out the feet, seen below.

And we got some more face time as Peanut held still for a moment to stare straight on at the 'camera' but just for a moment. This baby is a firm believer in exercising and doing flips.

And we also got a lovely shot of Peanut's profile which was nice to see. I can't wait to actually see this sweet little baby and hold him or her in my arms.

And since I know people will ask, no we did not find out if Peanut is a boy or girl. We firmly stated before the ultrasound began that we didn't want to know and Peanut moved so much that the ultrasound tech couldn't find Peanut's stomach let alone anything else.

Friday, July 11

Like Mother, Like Peanut

In the spirit of the Olympics, Peanut has been working out and preparing for his/her life as a soccer star. Yes, according to my father, karma does exist and Peanut is kicking proof of that. Apparently when I was a baby I kicked up a storm and Peanut is just following in my footsteps.

Yesterday we met with Lynn, our nurse practitioner at the  new hospital and she used a special doppler microphone to listen to Peanut's heartbeat. All is good and healthy and Peanut's heart is very strong and very fast. But apparently Peanut wasn't in the mood to be interviewed so he/she kicked the microphone just to let us know, we weren't allowed to eavesdrop. 

Other than that, the appointment went quite well; more blood tests, gestational diabetes test (ew! orange soda!), etc. I'm really excited about this new hospital and loved our 5 minute commute from work to the appointment. Our next ultrasound has been scheduled for Monday! I'm so ready for some more Peanut pics!

Tuesday, July 8

Things that go BUMP in the night

It is the oddest feeling to go to bed with one body and wake up the next morning with another. Jourdan and I decided that I look quite a bit more pregnant today as the bump is working hard to make itself known. New bump pictures soon!

Monday, July 7

We've Moved In!

This weekend thanks to lots of friends and family, we moved from the apartment to the new house! Jourdan also went with our friend Hari to pick up the crib, bedding, mattress and baby monitor from our friend Jackie. She has been so wonderful to keep it for us for so long. Now we just need to put it together.

But before we start that project, we still have to finish the baseboards. We installed all the baseboards in the master bedroom and cut all the boards for the rest of the house (still need to do the hallway) but we're going to rent a nail gun to finish them. We got a huge help from Paul who measured the walls while I nailed in the boards and Jourdan miter cut them in the garage.

It feels so nice to wake up in our new house. And yet so weird to see all our furniture fit in the living room of our new place.

Thursday, July 3

More Names We Are Not Giving Our Child

1. Shoe
2. Jennifer
3. Fing Fang Foom
4. Tobey Maguire Jr.

Tuesday, July 1

Names We Don't Like/Can't Stop Mocking

We bought a baby name book last night and started searching websites. Below are a few of the names Peanut can thank us for not picking:
  1. Og
  2. Fagin 
  3. Bilbo "Baggins"
  4. "It'sa me," Mario

The Benefits of Being A Regular

My cravings for Greek food are still quite strong and while I have my favorite places to go in Sacramento and Davis. I'm branching out and eating Greekish food at other establishments, e.g. the falafel pita at the Pita Pit. And while the falafels and greek salads from non-Greek restaurants are tasty I still have my preferences. So last night when we went out for Greek food for the umpteenth time this month, it was a pleasant surprise when the waitress knew our drink order beforehand. Since I've practically got the menu memorized it's easy to order and the food is always delicious. Last night was no exception, in fact we tried a new pizza that was by far better than any we'd had before. At the end of the meal, the waitress drops off the bill and I don't even look at the price (again, I know this place pretty well) because I anticipate it being about $30ish. Our waitress brings back my credit card receipt and I was surprised to see the bill at $13 (with a charge only for the pizza and not the drinks and salad)! I went to the counter to talk to the waitress and let her know the mistake and she smiled and said "It's not a problem; don't worry!" So I thanked her, gave her a big tip and said "See you next time!" Maybe I should have said.."See you on Thursday!" but she probably already knows that. ;)

Monday, June 30

Things That Go Bump!

My 4 - almost 5 month bump picture.

Peanut's Room is Painted!

This week we've been working on the house practically every night. It's been really rewarding and strangely addictive to start projects and finish them. Yesterday, Paul, Tom, Hari and Jourdan finished ripping up the tackless carpet strips, moving the carpet to the garage along with the padding and started and finished painting Peanut's bedroom.

We had to head back to Home Depot for another gallon of Tigger's Tummy yellow and while waiting Hari and Jourdan joked about painting a mouth at Peanut's door and installing a machine to make a gulping sound when your crossed the threshold into the room. While I'm not sure we're going to go that far, I am looking forward to decorating the room soon.

Our hope is to be living in the new house by next Sunday after the flooring guys install the laminate this week. We have a few extra projects to finish (new flooring in the laundry room, finish up packing, order the laundry machines, moving in and maybe install baseboards) too. It's going to be another busy week but I'm looking forward to it! 

Wednesday, June 25

Super Sweet Tooth

I've always had a sweet tooth; and therefore a subsequent interest in baking. Just as in my baking, I always view frosting as negotiable and more often that not unnecessary. So imagine my surprise when I had some cake at work and ate all the frosting and only four bites of cake.

My sneaking suspicion is that Peanut is willing his/her way upon me but Jourdan's theory is that I'm finally turning into him.

Tuesday, June 24

Official Homeowners & Paint Choices

2008 is the year for houses and a little Peanut! As of five o'clock last night, Jourdan and I became homeowners. We celebrated our new status change by making the first of many trips to the hardware store to buy new locks for the front door, garage door and the water heater door. We also purchased some primer, brushes and such to get started on Peanut's room. 

I was hoping to get a few samples to try out on the walls but Home Depot doesn't roll like that. So I picked up several paper samples and I'll try them out tonight. I was really feeling certain about "Tigger's Tummy" yellow but now I'm just not sure. So I grabbed tons of color samples and brought them to work to share and discuss today at lunch.

I figure I can get the primer base on the walls during the week and paint the wall color on Friday and Sunday while the boys are busy ripping up the carpet. Yes, we finally decided on a installer for our laminate flooring and he comes highly recommended by several people in my office. While we decided not to go with real bamboo flooring, we're going to opt for bamboo laminate instead. They'll start on the floors next week so the carpets need to be 86'd this weekend.

Thursday, June 19


Jourdan and I were in the car on our way to lunch before the final inspection of the house. So I'm sitting in the car, not really thinking, just enjoying the heat of the midday when I feel these little fluttering feelings. At first I wondered what strange type of gas is this until I remembered Mesena, my mother trainer/co-worker told me to be on the lookout for baby kicks that feel like flutters. I'm quite excited that Peanut has decided to reach out and punch something (namely my bladder, colon or small instestines).

Wednesday, June 18

Tummy Travels

I just finished eating breakfast this morning when a familiar rumble startled me. It appears that my stomach has been on the road and traveled from its usual central location to a new spot on my right. My co-worker Mesena had mentioned a few times how hearing her stomach growl next to her elbow was a bit alarming and now I know why. Apparently Peanut took to doing some internal organ reorganizing during the night.

Monday, June 16


The rumbling and yearning for something has begun. And I mean something very particular and only that will calm the cries of my tummy. For the last few weeks, the key to my bliss has been Greek salad. Jourdan has indulged me several times a week and either takes me out for Greek salad or we make it at home. 

I didn't really think my new infatuation with Greek salad was an official 'craving' until I woke up one morning and I stared aimlessly into the fridge. All of a sudden a thought popped in my mind "Man, I'd really love a Greek salad for breakfast." 

I've always enjoyed spicy, hot foods and was on a desperate Indian food kick prior to getting pregnant, but since the second trimester hit, I crave the tangy zip of Greek food. Occasionally, as with last Friday, I'll get gyros instead (my mouth is watering as I type) but then the next day on Saturday, I return for my favorite Greek salad. 

Jourdan has been a real trooper and not only eats Greek food more than even Greeks do; but is willing to drive me into Sacramento because I want Greek salad and our local Greek restaurant, Symposium is closed. And he's such a great daddy, that on Father's Day, he got up and made me Greek salad for breakfast. And let me tell you, it was incredibly tasty.

Wednesday, June 11

Second Trimester: Already Spoiled Rotten

Peanut is blessed with friends and family that already love him/her so much. 

I talked to my mom just Sunday and heard that Peanut's got even more new clothes on the way, as soon as we move into the new house! And just yesterday, we received a congratulations card from my granny and mom. 

And Peanut received his/her first book, Moo, Baa, La La La from my student assistant Mairin. She is quite familiar with this book as she used to read it to her little brother and it comes highly recommended.

I haven't even seen Peanut's face or felt the first kick but I already know Peanut is going to be so very loved and spoiled rotten. Reminds me quite a bit of myself, actually.

And an extra special note: My request to telecommute on Fridays, after maternity leave, has been officially approved. I'm overwhelmed with joy at the thought of getting the chance to experience life at home with Peanut and still work. Peanut and I are so blessed.

Tuesday, June 10

My Newest Birthing Coach & Accomplice in Crime

Andrea, my co-worker, has been so such a supportive and caring friend since the day we met. We both like to make a little trouble at work and keep things fun. So imagine the fun, if Andrea were my birthing coach, no? She jokingly offered to fill in for Jourdan, but I think he's committed to the job.

She's also helping me pick out potential boy names! Currently she and I are considering Tobey Maguire Junior Perla. Jourdan doesn't seem too enthused but maybe if I give him some time and wear my new t-shirt! Hmm..maybe not.

Monday, June 9

And the Need to Nest begins...

We found out that we're closing on the house at the end of the month so my need to nest has gone from average ho-hum to OMG MUST NEST NOW. Between deciding on what type of yellow I want to paint the walls to whether I want a theme, I'm starting to get a kick out of looking at baby things.

Luckily, the crib situation is looking promising. My friend Jackie, from WW, has offered her old crib that her daughter has grown out of. Considering Jackie has great taste, this is more than just your average blessing, its a blessing + 2. So once I got thinking about cribs, I couldn't help but think of my favorite crib bedding at Target.

I really like it but I'm not sure. There are just so many choices!

Wednesday, June 4

Everyone Knows about Peanut

We finally felt comfortable to start sharing the news of the pending arrival of Peanut. Besides telling my family, telling all my friends has been so exciting. I told all my WW buddies (who most likely figured it out when I stopped weighing in), my boss and co-workers. Jourdan has been busy telling his boss, co-workers and friends online and in person. And I'm slowly getting around to sharing the news online. 

Everyone has been incredibly supportive and made a wonderful experience even better. And luckily enough, no one has said "Well you certainly look pregnant!" An extra bonus!

Monday, June 2

Results Are In: Peanut = SUPER HEALTHY PEANUT

Last week, Jourdan and I went in for genetic testing for the Peanut. We were both interested in having the testing done and when the health insurance volunteered to cough up the dough for the visit, we made our appointment.

At first I was a bit nervous but Marilyn, our genetic counselor, was really nice and explained how we were in good health and young enough that the genetic lottery was on our side. Even our family tree genetics looked promising.

After the blood test, where the newbie stuck my ringer finger a couple of times in hopes of 5 big drops of blood, we went in for the ultrasound. (See pictures from last week.)

Today Marilyn called in with the results, I confess I wasn't really nervous but was pleasantly reassured by today's info. Peanut has a 1 in 9,900 chance of Down's and a 1 in 10,000 chance for Try-18. It was only after she gave me the good news that I realized the potential for possible bad news. Who knew I was such an optimist?

Wednesday, May 28

Peanut @ 12 Weeks

Jourdan and I went in Tuesday for our genetic testing ultrasound. Peanut was much more baby shaped now and VERY active. The ultrasound technician had trouble get the needed measurements because Peanut was moving and kicking so much. Between Peanut moving and me laughing at Peanut moving, the tech had her work cut out for her.

We learned several new things: Peanut has a strong heartbeat, Peanut is 12 weeks and 3 days old, and Peanut apparently likes kickboxing as much as I do.

Below are a few snapshots of the now not so much peanut sized Peanut.