Monday, August 31


More Practice

This is one determined little crawler. Violet spends every spare moment wiggling over and around anything in her immediate area, including Mama and Daddy. She wants to crawl, and she wants to crawl yesterday.

It's tough to see her try so hard, and not quite get it. She's moving all over the place, but it's still all very accidental. But she'll get the hang of it soon...

As always, more pics on the Flickr.

Yes, this is very comfortable

Saturday, August 22

8 Months Old Today

8 months old!

Violet is officially 8 months old today. It's a cliche of "look how much she's grown" but it really is amazing how far she's coming along.

We're seeing more and more of her personality come through. Her sheer determination at wanting to crawl comes from Mom. Her frustration that she can't comes from Dad. Her love of the outdoors... well, we have no idea where that came from.

She's rolling and sitting up and wigging all over the place, but not quite crawling just yet. She's also working on getting up to her feet and balancing on two legs, so she might just jump ahead to walking.

Violet is babbling too. It comes and it goes, but she's definitely a lot more vocal than before. It's cute to hear her voice take shape.

The last 8 months has been frantic, crazy, and wonderful. We are loving our little girl.

Friday, August 21

Violet Goes to Bed - Directors Cut

Violet Goes to Bed from Jourdan Perla on Vimeo.

Here's the full version of the "Violet Goes To Bed" video that Flickr cut short. It's a long one, so get comfy.

Also, I've done some computer magic to help get more photos on Flickr. So you should be seeing a lot more there.

Friday, August 14

Took a Break

Out cold

Sorry about the lack of updates here. Just getting used to a more active Violet. (This is her in a rare moment of downtime.) Got more pics on the Flickr with more on the way (once I find my adapter).

Violet's desperately working on crawling now. On the bright side this helps wear her out for naps and bedtime. But on the downside, she still doesn't like naps and bedtime. She's got the basics of movement down, just needs to put it all together. But she's also working on climbing and trying to get herself to her feet, so she might just skip crawling altogether. Either way, Josie's days are numbered.