Friday, August 29

New Game: Kick the Daddy

I've been so eager for Jourdan to feel Peanut kick that I've been holding his hand to my stomach since week 20 but with no results. I really want Jourdan to be able to interact with the baby since it feels so one-sided right now with me telling him about our baby. 

So last night, after he finished reading "Baby, Oh Baby, the Places You'll Go" Jourdan, Peanut and I settled in for the night. Since Peanut was still feeling a bit active (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!) I moved Jourdan's hand over the baby bump in hopes that he might feel something, even though all the books say the baby won't be felt for another 3 weeks. And much to my delight, Peanut finally decided it was time to play Kick the Daddy and Jourdan got to feel two little kicks last night. 

Side note: I'm feeling much better now, drinking more milk, eating more beef and only feeling wobbly during my 1 a.m. bathroom breaks.

Monday, August 25

Speed Drills

This weekend, I'm was working on balancing my blood sugar and up my iron intake. Sunday morning I had another "episode" at Nugget Market but we made it home safely. I got quite upset about all this being out of my control (good training for a baby, no?) but I've realized I can still DO stuff I just can't go, go, go at my normal hyper speed. It's funny, one of my new years goals was to learn balance and while I've given up my 5k/a month goal, Peanut is helping me with another one. Sweet little baby.

Speaking of little, Peanut has definitely made his/her home bigger and my stomach has popped. I am now very pregnant looking and have started doing the pregnant chair sit. As frustrated as I am with giving up control of my body, I am loving the little one I'm giving my control up to. I delight in every little waddle and kick.

And kicks there have been, one morning I woke up to use the bathroom and when I went to lay down I counted 22 kicks in 30 minutes. Apparently Peanut belives that 5 a.m. is a great time to workout. I suppose I can't complain considering I too enjoy a morning workout. I'm just not used to being the punching bag.

ALSO, Jourdan's family gave Peanut 5 new Dr. Suess books to add to the book collection!

Thursday, August 21

Made It Past 8:30 A.M.

It is a day to celebrate. I made it past 8:30, I've started working and still no cold sweats or nausea. Wednesday I came into work figuring the extra iron pill was all I needed but unfortunately I was also suffering from low blood sugar. So the nurse now suggests I eat a hearty meaty breakfast to help sustain the Peanut and myself. Today I had sausage and eggs and feel really good. I am so embarrassed to get sick at work but am so eternally lucky to have such a great family of friends at work. I already have a stack of almonds and peanut m&ms on my desk. 

Tuesday, August 19

I'm Tired & Hungry & Peanut just wants Storytime

I stayed home on Monday and today since I've just been so tired. Not just sleepy but exhausted, mentally and physically. After an entire day of resting on Monday, Jourdan called the advice nurse and we went in for blood work to check my blood cell count. The good news is I'm doing fine and still luckily not anemic. But Jourdan suggested I start taking my iron pill anyway and unlike last night I am able to type on my laptop, carry a conversation and walk to the bathroom. A vast improvement. 

Also, of note, the strange cravings have arrived. Tonight I wanted cinnamon and eggs.

One last thing, Jourdan read "Oh the Places You'll Go" to Peanut tonight. And while Jourdan was reading Peanut calmed down, stopped kicking and just gently moved. It's amazing to feel them interact and then to feel Peanut calm down and just slowly move was very cool.

Friday, August 15

Case of the Missing Tummy

We went in for a follow up ultrasound since the last time, the tech wasn't able to find Peanut's stomach. Peanut's bladder was full which eased her mind but she recommended we come back again just to check on the tummy. So we went back in and as usual Peanut was in high spirits and moving like there was an all-night dance party going on and my bladder was the dance floor. The new tech looked and found the missing tummy but wasn't quite satisfied with the glimpses he got so the 'Case of the Missing Tummy' is on once again. I'm not too upset that we have another ultrasound at 30 weeks and the tech doesn't seem to think the relatively empty tummy is much of a problem either. So we'll see Peanut again in September!

Thursday, August 7

Doin' good!

Just had another check-up at the doctors today with a midwife. Both mom and baby are doing well. Mom is a bit tired, but Peanut is as active as ever. I even got to help out with listening for the heartbeat. 160 beats/min. Good job, Peanut!

Friday, August 1

Omega-3 and Pregnancy

I recently got a call from my friend Suzanne. She'd talked to my brother in Tulsa and heard that I was pregnant so she rang me up and we chatted about all things pregnancy and mommy-related. 

She asked how I was doing and if I was taking my vitamins, which I confirmed. Daily I'm downing my pink pre-natal vitamin and stinky gold see-through omega-3 fish oil pill . Suzanne had done the same when expecting her first, Braxton but with Gracie she hadn't been quite as rigorous with her fish oil pill schedule. She mentioned the health benefits of fish oil for the baby, which help with the development of the nervous system, brain and retinas and wondered if they really helped Braxton. She doubted their supposed benefits since Braxton was most recently caught eating dirt and licking the playground equipment at McDonald's while Gracie has yet to lick any swing sets or chew dirt. I imagine the dirt eating/swing licks have more to do with Braxton being a boy but Jourdan and I have been getting a good laugh about her story anyway. 

All this to say I really can't wait until I can stop taking these "fish pills," as I call them. They smell like fish and if I take them on an empty tummy I have fish-flavored burps until noon. So if and when Peanut is at the age to start eating dirt or licking swings and chooses to indulge, I will know who to blame.