Friday, August 29

New Game: Kick the Daddy

I've been so eager for Jourdan to feel Peanut kick that I've been holding his hand to my stomach since week 20 but with no results. I really want Jourdan to be able to interact with the baby since it feels so one-sided right now with me telling him about our baby. 

So last night, after he finished reading "Baby, Oh Baby, the Places You'll Go" Jourdan, Peanut and I settled in for the night. Since Peanut was still feeling a bit active (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!) I moved Jourdan's hand over the baby bump in hopes that he might feel something, even though all the books say the baby won't be felt for another 3 weeks. And much to my delight, Peanut finally decided it was time to play Kick the Daddy and Jourdan got to feel two little kicks last night. 

Side note: I'm feeling much better now, drinking more milk, eating more beef and only feeling wobbly during my 1 a.m. bathroom breaks.

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