Monday, November 23

Lots of new stuff

The blog's been very quiet, but we do have a bunch of new stuff to make up for it.

Lots of new photos over at Flickr.

And there's a few new videos going up over at Vimeo, but they'll take awhile to show up. But they're videos of Violet crawling, laughing, and showing off other talents that are well worth the wait.

Thursday, November 5

Thursday, October 1

Happy Nine Months!

Peace, love, & cookies

(A bit belated, but it's been busy lately.)

Violet nine months old now, and it amazing all that she can do. She's crawling up a storm and chasing Josie the cat all over the house. Her little personality has only gotten stronger, and we can tell she's going to like things her way. She prefers to feed herself, and we're eating, she wants to eat too.

The crawling is the best. Her laugh as she shimmies around the house. How she can now meet us at the door when we grab her from daycare. Watching her as she explores the house.

And Violet's still working on the walking. She's been practicing at night, standing up in her bed instead of sleeping. (We've caught her a few times.) Josie is having to head to higher ground already.

And she's continuing to babble in her cute little voice. No words yet, but she's definitely trying to tell us something. Usually, it's "I want to eat that."

We're so excited to watch her grow up. Time flies when you're having fun.

Tuesday, September 8

Home Again

Tuckered out

We're home from our trip to Oklahoma, and have a few new pictures to show for it. Violet is very excited to be crawling, but is now focusing on her cruising and walking.

Friday, September 4

We are crawling!

I started crawling yesterday

We're finally crawling. Started in the hotel room yesterday afternoon. Getting the hang of it rather quickly. Here she's chasing Daddy's laptop across the floor as he tries to upload some more photos.

Monday, August 31


More Practice

This is one determined little crawler. Violet spends every spare moment wiggling over and around anything in her immediate area, including Mama and Daddy. She wants to crawl, and she wants to crawl yesterday.

It's tough to see her try so hard, and not quite get it. She's moving all over the place, but it's still all very accidental. But she'll get the hang of it soon...

As always, more pics on the Flickr.

Yes, this is very comfortable

Saturday, August 22

8 Months Old Today

8 months old!

Violet is officially 8 months old today. It's a cliche of "look how much she's grown" but it really is amazing how far she's coming along.

We're seeing more and more of her personality come through. Her sheer determination at wanting to crawl comes from Mom. Her frustration that she can't comes from Dad. Her love of the outdoors... well, we have no idea where that came from.

She's rolling and sitting up and wigging all over the place, but not quite crawling just yet. She's also working on getting up to her feet and balancing on two legs, so she might just jump ahead to walking.

Violet is babbling too. It comes and it goes, but she's definitely a lot more vocal than before. It's cute to hear her voice take shape.

The last 8 months has been frantic, crazy, and wonderful. We are loving our little girl.