Thursday, February 26

More pictures!

Check out more pictures of our little droolie Julie, here.

Violet meets the Blood Pressure Cuff

Monday, February 23

Asleep Soundly

The results of a vaccinated baby is a soundly sleeping baby.

2 Month Check-Up & Shots

Violet went in for her first official check up. I'm happy to report that Violet is a healthy baby girl and now that she's not being overfed, she's at a healthy weight. Generally Violet is within the 75% range for her age except for her height, she grew 3 inches since she was born and is in the 95% for height. I have a feeling, she's going to be tall just like mom and dad.

In general the appointment went quite well, unlike previous times when Violet has cried when Dr. Lee would examine her. Now she just chills out and enjoys the naked baby time. However, unlike previous appointment, she was going to receive her first round of vaccinations and I couldn't help but pity her.

The before shot:

And after:

Saturday, February 21

Tee Hee: First Laugh (Sorta)

We were on our way to a party in San Jose and I was in the backseat entertaining Violet. She was gooing and cooing at me as I was sticking my tongue out at her. And then out of no where she laughed, there was no sound behind it but it was there. I can't wait until I hear her first laugh because seeing it was just too adorable.

Sunday, February 15

Pollywog In A Bog

Jourdan found this video from the Barenaked Ladies new kids album and showed it to Violet. She has since watched numerous times on dad's laptop and mom's iphone. One time she was crying when the video started and then like magic once the singing started she quieted down to just sniffling and snorting.

Saturday, February 14

Valetine's Day Gifts & Party

Jenny so kindly invited all of us to her house for cards and games on Valentine's Day. Violet was so well behaved and either slept or just rested in our arms. She was the perfect party guest for the entire five hours we stayed. The only mishap was when she peed on her outfit and had to spend half of the party topless. Oh that wild girl! Upon coming home we restocked her diaper bag with a clean outfit just in case such an occasion arises again.

We also opened our Valentine's Day presents. Dad got an Iron Man DVD from me and Violet, a Tropic Thunder DVD from Grandma & Grandpa Spears and some spending cash from Great Grandma Benefiel. Mom got a Wall-E DVD from Dad, a Mamma Mia DVD from Grandma and Grandpa and some spending cash from Great Granny. Violet got a new outfit from Dad, a heated wipe warmer from Grandma and Grandpa Spears and some cash for Violet's college fund from Great Granny.

Friday, February 13

Unhappy Photo Shoot

I wanted to take some pictures of Miss V in her Valentine's outfit to send to everyone for the holiday. Unfortunately, Miss V wasn't exactly in the mood to have her picture taken so Jourdan and I had to attempt to grab a snapshot of her not crying over the course of three separate times. Finally, she willing obliged us with some non-crying pictures when we took Jourdan's suggestion and set her up in her crib. She watched her mobile and we snapped a shot or two, see below and view more here.

Thursday, February 12

She Smiles in Most of Them...

New pictures of momma's peach pie, click here. And she's smiling in other ones.

Violet & the Mobile

Violet has finally discovered the mysterious mobile atop her crib and the infatuation has begun. Shelf was so last month, now Mobile gets all the louuve.

Wednesday, February 11


We're trying to start a night time routine to help teach Violet about going to bed. This however does require that Jourdan and I stick to a routine as well and that is harder than I imagined. At the moment, Violet's bedtime routine is as follows:

1. Take a shower and get all the soy formula off her chin and cheeks
2. Get her dressed and try to minimize crying by giving her a bottle ASAP
3. Read a book together
4. Put Violet to bed

This has happened successfully only once. I have a feeling this routine development is going to become the new Perla project.

Sunday, February 8

Friday, February 6

More Pictures!

Poop power poses, seen above, and other photos here.

Wednesday, February 4


She cried aalllll day long! Jourdan brought me home something to eat for dinner, since I only had a bowl of Cheerios and a bowl of grapes during the day. And then he comforted Miss Violet while she wailed and wailed. Then she and I took a shower and the instant the warm water hit her she quieted and her eyes instantly lit up. But it was short lived. Oh six week mark you are as cruel as described. 

Tuesday, February 3

Water loving baby

She's grown too big for her baby tub, so we tried something new today: a shower with mommy. She loved it. Having to dry off afterwards, not so much.

Monday, February 2

Photo Shoot

Jourdan and I took Violet to JC Penneys for her first photo shoot. We picked out three new outfits from Grandma Spears to wear, all of which looked terribly cute on her. I did learn a trick from the photographer not to pick outfits with collars or overalls; good to know for next time. With all the cute clothes she had to wear, it wasn't a surprise to either Jourdan or I that Violet would only smile when she was naked and being held. 

We ordered birth announcements, and 8x10 pictures for all the Grandpas, Grandmas and Great Grandmas. We also ordered plenty of wallets and other sizes as well as joined the JCP Portrait Club. With the Portrait Club, we get special bargains but we mostly liked that we get online access to all the pictures, so family can check out every photo from the shoot. I think there also a free screensaver from the photo shoot available online as well, but I'll have to check on that.

I'll post the link to the online photo shoot in a few days when they are available. Also, we'll be mailing out pictures next week, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Great News from Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee sent us a letter and a copy of the results from Violet's newborn screening test. He writes.."Great news...the results are all normal!" The newborn screening test checked for cystic fibrosis, hypothyroidism and many other things that are incredibly difficult to pronounce. Miss Violet continues to be super healthy; good job baby!