Monday, February 23

2 Month Check-Up & Shots

Violet went in for her first official check up. I'm happy to report that Violet is a healthy baby girl and now that she's not being overfed, she's at a healthy weight. Generally Violet is within the 75% range for her age except for her height, she grew 3 inches since she was born and is in the 95% for height. I have a feeling, she's going to be tall just like mom and dad.

In general the appointment went quite well, unlike previous times when Violet has cried when Dr. Lee would examine her. Now she just chills out and enjoys the naked baby time. However, unlike previous appointment, she was going to receive her first round of vaccinations and I couldn't help but pity her.

The before shot:

And after:

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wildflrz said...

Oh my gosh, that upset me so much when Richie got shots...I cried with him.