Monday, February 2

Photo Shoot

Jourdan and I took Violet to JC Penneys for her first photo shoot. We picked out three new outfits from Grandma Spears to wear, all of which looked terribly cute on her. I did learn a trick from the photographer not to pick outfits with collars or overalls; good to know for next time. With all the cute clothes she had to wear, it wasn't a surprise to either Jourdan or I that Violet would only smile when she was naked and being held. 

We ordered birth announcements, and 8x10 pictures for all the Grandpas, Grandmas and Great Grandmas. We also ordered plenty of wallets and other sizes as well as joined the JCP Portrait Club. With the Portrait Club, we get special bargains but we mostly liked that we get online access to all the pictures, so family can check out every photo from the shoot. I think there also a free screensaver from the photo shoot available online as well, but I'll have to check on that.

I'll post the link to the online photo shoot in a few days when they are available. Also, we'll be mailing out pictures next week, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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