Friday, March 27

Grandma & Grandpa Spears Visit!

At the end of March, my parents flew out for a visit. This was the first time Violet met her grandpa and was another chance to meet grandma. It was such a blessing to get to see them together. After seeing Pappy, Jourdan's Dad, with Violet I really yearned to see my folks with her again. There is just something so special about seeing my parents with my daughter. I'm so grateful they could come to visit us; it meant the world to me.

Tuesday, March 24

Month with Dad

During March, Jourdan and Violet got to spend lots of quality time together; they went for stroller rides to Nugget, played tummy time, and took naps together. While Violet might not have many memories of this special time, I'm sure Jourdan will.

Sunday, March 22

Newsletter: Month Three

Dear Violet,

This month you spent the days with your Dad, while I went back to work. That first day back was tough but knowing that you were having a good time with your father made the transition much easier. What wasn't so easy for me was coming home for lunch to see you; unlike your father I can exert little to no willpower when it comes to leaving you.

Paternity leave was a true gift! Your father and I both loved his leave and if I had a million dollars, he'd stay home with you while I worked. During the month, you and dad went out outings in your stroller (a first!), played games like patty-cake and watched zombie movies (only once!). Another first, is your father (again with the ability to exert willpower) was able to teach you to nap in your crib. I loved coming home to both of you and getting to snuggle and hold you. I dreamed those days would never end but like all good things they were bound to. Lucky for us, grandma and grandpa Spears were coming out at the end of the month so I had something to look forward to.

The most wonderful thing that happened during month 3 is that you and your dad are now buddies. Not to say you weren't friendly before but a month of exploring tummy time, meeting strange new creatures like the washing machine and traveling to far off distant Nugget Markets together has cemented your love and friendship. Seeing you love him like I do, only proves that you're SO my daughter.


Sunday, March 15

Violet & Tummy Time

Violet thinks Momma is Funny

Violet and the Playmat

Violet throws a Pi Party

Yesterday, we invited over all our friends to celebrate Pi Day. I confess I was a bit nervous about how little Miss V would do with guests over at the house, but she did quite well. This week she's been in a little of a colicky mood mostly because she doesn't want to take naps when she's tired and fights it with all her baby strength.

And while she did fight the good fight a few times during the party, overall she was the ultimate party hostess. I can't wait until she's older and can join us in a game of Uno.

Pictures of Violet

More pictures available here.

Sunday, March 8

Meet Pappy

My father is in town, and Violet has finally got to meet her Pappy. She was very well-behaved. We were even able to take her along to dinner that night. Also, we've been able to coax a few, real laughs out of her. Such a darling little chuckle.

Thursday, March 5

Day 3 was a bit rough

The day started off well, Violet playing and happy. Then she turned into a cuddle monster, only quiet when held. Drove Daddy crazy all day.

And then she laughed in her sleep and all was forgiven.

Tuesday, March 3

Daddy Days have begun!

I'm now on paternity leave with Violet and loving* every moment. Added a bunch of pictures to the Flicker site.

I'm slowly getting the hang of this stuff. Learning when she's hungry and when she's tired. Day one consisted of lots of naps, while day 2 was a bit more active. We're going through Daddy's music collection as well. She's becoming more vocal everyday. We've got some cute videos of her goo'ing and oooh'ing on the way.

*Amount of love inversely proportional to amount of baby screaming.

Sunday, March 1

Newsletter: Month Two

Dear Violet,

It is amazing what a difference just a few weeks make; in just this short amount of time your personality has become more evident. You still enjoy bright lights and being held all the time; but you're now gooing and wiggling in delight when you see your mobile, your dad or me. (The shelf was so last month!) For me the best part is seeing the pride in your eyes when you talk to me and I respond. You so desperately want to tell us everything and see everything.

And see everything you do! Because you're such an incredible baby; we're able to take you parties, out to eat and around town. The entire time, you're likely to be sleeping in your moby wrap next to me but every once in a while you'll glance at a few things. The Apple Store can't hold your interest and neither can the Lego Shoppe but I'm certain when you're older and the phrase "I want.." becomes a regular in your vocabulary, we'll be prying you out of both. Your father and I joke that you are lulled to sleep by the sound of commerce but really any white noise comforts you. At loud parties, people tend to forget your a guest because you just quietly stare or fall asleep. This means quite a bit to me since I have really enjoyed being able to get out with you. Not that you aren't a fascinating conversationalist but I do tend to need words to respond to from time to time.

But as I say that, I know that at this moment in time, I can't fully comprehend how much I'll miss "talking" with you all day. These two months of maternity leave have been a precious gift that is special and irreplaceable, just like the sweet baby in my arms. I love you Violet and hope you know how much your father and I both love you.