Saturday, January 31

More pictures and a video!

I finally uploaded more pictures and video of little miss V.

Newsletter: Month One

Dear Violet,

It was always my hope that once I had a little one, I'd been able to take the time to write to him/her. To give him or her a little insight into what life was like in those first few early months. This first month has been life changing to say the least; it's amazing how much you've taught us and how much we've all learned. Because of you, a new world has opened up for me and your father; the world of babies. Now I am fascinated by baby instruction manuals, other moms and mostly by the best baby teacher You've already taught me so much. For one, my world is no longer about me. Two, nothing is as satisfying as a well-consoled happy child. And three, the key to a happy Violet is a bouncy chair/bouncy knee, burrito swaddle and binky.

You've also learned quite a bit yourself. This month, you learned how to play on your play mat for up to a hour and a half (btw, mommy is so grateful!), how to hold up your head, how to stick out your tongue, how to play games (your current favorite being-find the red birdie) and how to scare mommy by pushing off her lap with your strong little legs. Each day is a learning experience, every morning you wake up wide eyed and ready to coo and practice smiling. And each night is a teaching experience, as you teach mommy and daddy how difficult or easy it can be to console you, based on your mood.

Overall, you've been an easy baby with only a few minutes of fussiness here and there. Which is a complete 180 from your first week when you cried non-stop for days while we tried to figure out the breast feeding thing. I will always feel a bit of guilt about not being able to breast feed you but I suppose my body did all it could just getting you here and that's plenty. Today we met with the other moms and dads from the prenatal baby class, and I once again felt the pangs of guilt as they discussed the ease and benefits of breastfeeding. I've learned that just like a shirt covered in spit up, guilt is something that all mothers wear from time to time.

I hope our learning never stops and based on your current inquisitive nature I have a good feeling it never will. But one thing I hope you always know, is what a blessing you are to your family and how much your mommy and daddy love you.


Friday, January 30

Not Sick..

In a typical new parent freak out behavior, I was convinced that Violet was sick because she vomited three times in 24 hours and wasn't taking a bottle. She wasn't running a fever and was sleeping fine and acting fine but we went into the doctor after the advice nurse suggested we visit, just to be safe.

Long story short...Violet isn't sick; she just isn't hungry. Oh mommy when will you learn?

Monday, January 26

Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?

Since the weather has been so obliging, Violet and I took a walk around the park and visited her elementary school. There was a garage sale going on across the street where I bought Violet a book, a book for me and a few oranges for dad. Of course, Violet missed most of this since she passed out in the moby after I walked three houses away.

Saturday, January 24

More pictures and a video!

Added more photos to the OMG Baby! set, and now we have video!

Sunday, January 18

New Skills & Games

So Violet in addition to being able to hold her head up, can now stick out her tongue and clear a room with her toots. We switched her to soy formula last night to see if her food wasn't the cause of her recent bout of gassiness.

Violet and Jourdan also have a new favorite game; spaceship. Jourdan will hold Violet and gently swing her back and forth as he makes flying noises. In response, Violet's eyes light up and she sticks out her tongue.

And happily, Violet has learned how to nap and sleep (at the very most) for 3 hours straight. As of the last few days, mom and dad have also learned to anticipate her needs a bit more which has meant quite a bit less crying.

Saturday, January 17

"I've got a secret"

Last night we switched Violet to soy formula which she seems to like well enough. Jourdan fed her her first bottle and burped her; but apparently he missed a bit of a bubble cause about 15 minutes later she went all Exorcist on his shirt, his pants and the couch.

Since Violet seems to have a certain fondness of spitting up on me; Jourdan started teasing me that Violet wants to tell me a 'secret' after every bottle. He teases me that I should lean in close and listen to her 'secret'; so apparently she had a secret for daddy last night.

Friday, January 16

Violet's Favorite New Song: Hair Dryer

My friend Amy gave us a white noise CD which Violet has become quite taken with. If we walk her around while listening to her favorite music (hair dryer, laundry machine etc.) she tends to calm down and soothe herself to sleep.

I think Daft Punk has moved down in the Violet Billboard charts to be replaced by that new band Washer and Dryer.

Tuesday, January 13

More Pictures!

Just posted some new pictures of mama's little peach pie online here.

Monday, January 12

Feeling Sick

Since Sunday morning, I've been suffering from a pounding headache; to help me out Jourdan watched Violet Sunday night/Monday morning so I could rest. Luckily, I'm feeling better now and my headache is gone. Unfortunately, just as I started to feel better, Violet decided to do a re-enactment of the Exorcist and vomited all over her clothes, blankets, bobby and her beloved seahorse toy Jacque. So while Jourdan and I were supposed to be having lunch, Violet was losing her lunch over five outfits. And while she's crying and vomiting, Jourdan gets a horrible nosebleed. It was quite an eventful lunch.

Thursday, January 8

Off to work!

Violet made the rounds at both of our offices this week, and was well received at both. We're experiencing some fussiness at night, mostly while Daddy is on shift. Though she did put herself to sleep last night. Doctor says she's doing well. A bit better than well since she's able to hold up her head already. We've also noticed her squirming around in her bassinet during the night.

Next doctors visit is in February, where she'll get poked by a big scary needle for her first round of vaccinations.

P.S. - 100 posts! (Or so Blogger says.)

Saturday, January 3

Violet's Likes & Dislikes

After just two weeks of being around, it's becoming easier to detect her preferences. Below are a few of Violet's likes and dislikes.

Likes: Sleep sacks, sleeping on mom or dad, being sung to, sucking on pacifiers, drinking milk/formula, swing chairs, blankets, rides in the car, music (namely the baby Radiohead CD and Daft Punk). being walked around so she can look at stuff

Dislikes: Being bundled, being dressed, wearing socks, having her feet messed with, being put into her car seat, the sun in my eyes, bright lights

Thursday, January 1

New Year's Day

Violet went to her first party today at Sam and Julie's place. While we showed up a bit late and with an extra guest, Uncle Cameron, Sam and Julie were great hosts. They even offered their nice bed as a changing area for when we suspected Violet had a dirty diaper. Overall Violet did a great job and was a perfect party guest.