Tuesday, November 25

Dad really helps...

It is such a blessing to have my dad staying with us. He's already getting proficient on "pass out prevention" and has been helping me keep house. Also having him around has helped Jourdan relax and not worry so much about me. Plus I took a midday nap and still got up with plenty of time to spare before we left to pick up Jourdan at work. Tonight he bought groceries and made us taco salad for dinner tonight. Having Dad here is such a big help.

Tomorrow we have another baby appointment meanwhile Dad is going to stay home to wait for the plumber to stop by to fix the toilet in the guest bathroom.

Monday, November 24

Picking up Grandpa

Got the house clean enough for my Dad. I'm tracking his flight on my laptop and watching 'No Reservations' with Anthony Bourdain. I'm also ichatting with Jourdan a.k.a. he's keeping an eye on me and making sure I don't push myself too hard.

Sunday, November 23

Maternity Leave Checklist

I'm just not the type not to have a project, so Saturday when I took 2 naps and didn't get around to raking the leaves or sweeping the floors, it felt weird. Jourdan reminded me, once again, that I'm supposed to be taking it easy and relaxing, but the idea of not doing a project feels so foreign to me. So last night I did our laundry and washed the baby's clothes...well half of them. There are just so many cute little clothes to wash and I know that Dad is bringing several with him when he arrives tomorrow. So I figure another load of baby laundry on Monday night will be in order.

This morning while packing my hospital bag (Mesena will be so proud of me!) I started having a few more light contractions. Perhaps Jourdan isn't the only one trying to remind me to take it easy.

Friday, November 21

Maternity Leave Begins

It's hard for me to believe but I'm actually on maternity leave now. The baby really is coming soon and it is starting to feel very very real.

At lunch, Adam, Mesena, Stephanie and Andrea took me out for lunch at Uncle Vito's and out for frozen yogurt at Yogurt Shack. A very nice way to celebrate my last day.

When I left the office it seemed so strange that I wouldn't be returning there until next year. It still feels strange and surreal.

Thursday, November 20

Baby Appt.

Good news, Peanut's head is still down, his/her heartbeat is still strong and everything is going well. Today's baby appointment was pretty quick we talked mostly about what shots Peanut will get after birth and that all the tests came back negative from last week so I too am healthy. We also got a handout about when to call and advice that most babies arrive during week 39-41. Now it is time for the waiting game.

Wednesday, November 19

Peanut flipped!

At the hospital now for the version appointment, but Peanut has flipped on their own. Very good news for Mom. Bad news for Josie the Cat. While coaxing Peanut to get in the right spot, we promised them a new kitten.

Thursday, November 13

Peanut Takes a Little Too Much After Mommy

So we had another baby appointment today, the baby is fine and well. Peanut has a healthy heartbeat and everything looks good. It's just one matter that isn't sitting pretty...Peanut is in the wrong position. Apparently just like mommy, Peanut is going to be breech. We've got an appointment for next Wednesday to turn Peanut over at labor and delivery. Hopefully, unlike me, Peanut will actually stay in position. But if not, apparently even I turned into position at the very last moment. And there are three doctors at Sutter Davis that are willing to deliver a breech baby (assuming I meet the criteria), so hopefully Peanut is due on the day one of them is in rotation.

We also scheduled our next five appointments, including one after my anticipated due date. We'll see if Peanut decides to arrive early like many of my co-workers are suggesting. I'm not so sure, I think Peanut, once again, is just like me and will stay in until the bitter end.

Good news! My dad is flying in to Sacramento on November 24th! It's such a blessing to have him staying with us while I'm on maternity leave.

Wednesday, November 12

Cat nap on the office floor

I've been super tired so taking a quick 40 winks on the floor of my office felt wonderful. So glad I never took the pillow home from when I had bruised ribs earlier this year.

Monday, November 10

Less than a month!

I can't believe it's less than a month before I can start anticipating meeting Peanut! My friend Emma is only 10 days away from her due date! 

And only 8 more days before I start maternity leave! Oh the countdown begins!

Daddy's Sick

Jourdan just got back from the doctor. Unfortunately, his temporary flu is actually a virus that should keep him wiped out for another few days. Apparently it's something that goes around Davis quite a bit and there's nothing to do except wait it out. While in the office, Jourdan got his flu shot and a tetanus shot as well.

Tonight, his flu like symptoms should be stronger than usual thanks to the shot, but with any lucky we can avoid bringing any flu to the Peanut.

Saturday, November 8

Still Active After All These Months

So I'm sitting at the dining room table, reading some website on the Internet and Peanut is busy keeping the beat on my stomach. Peanut might not be the most rhythmic but certainly the most active. I finally threw away the kick card Sutter Davis gave us because Peanut has always far exceeded the 10 kicks in 2 hours mark. In fact, tonight, Peanut gave me easily 30+ kicks in 10 minutes. To give Jourdan just a taste of the activity, I said "kick" every time Peanut kicked; I was going for quite a while. So much for the thought Peanut was going to settle down now that his/her room has diminished significantly as he/she has grown. Apparently Peanut will be kicking until the very end.

Monday, November 3


I am so tired. I slept like a log thanks to the massage last night but I am super sleepy this morning. I could blame it on the overcast weather but I know it's not the cloud's fault. I think what everyone has been telling me is true, I'm just going to be tired during the ninth month. 


Best Daddy Ever!

Starting Saturday, my stomach is offering less room for Peanut and my abdominal muscles are straining. Now bending over at the waist is not an option because the pain of the muscle moving across my belly is rather too much to take. Jourdan has been great and is now my picker upper helper. If and when I drop something he'll pick it up for me...this is such a relief.

Later on Saturday, he put together the pack 'n play that we received from the baby shower. Funny thing is he put it together in the living room and rolled it over to the bedroom, but it didn't quite fit through the door. So he took it apart again and now it's in place just waiting for Peanut to arrive.

Also in another show of great daddy/husband behavior, he gave me a back massage for 30 minutes Sunday night. I didn't realize how stiff my back and neck were until afterwards. Thanks to his massage, I fell asleep instantly and slept like a log. So in summation, Jourdan = BEST HUSBAND EVER.