Thursday, November 13

Peanut Takes a Little Too Much After Mommy

So we had another baby appointment today, the baby is fine and well. Peanut has a healthy heartbeat and everything looks good. It's just one matter that isn't sitting pretty...Peanut is in the wrong position. Apparently just like mommy, Peanut is going to be breech. We've got an appointment for next Wednesday to turn Peanut over at labor and delivery. Hopefully, unlike me, Peanut will actually stay in position. But if not, apparently even I turned into position at the very last moment. And there are three doctors at Sutter Davis that are willing to deliver a breech baby (assuming I meet the criteria), so hopefully Peanut is due on the day one of them is in rotation.

We also scheduled our next five appointments, including one after my anticipated due date. We'll see if Peanut decides to arrive early like many of my co-workers are suggesting. I'm not so sure, I think Peanut, once again, is just like me and will stay in until the bitter end.

Good news! My dad is flying in to Sacramento on November 24th! It's such a blessing to have him staying with us while I'm on maternity leave.

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Cynthia said...

Oh God the Perla baby curse and your history of breach. Well they'll fix it I am sure. Good to know that everything is looking good.