Monday, June 30

Things That Go Bump!

My 4 - almost 5 month bump picture.

Peanut's Room is Painted!

This week we've been working on the house practically every night. It's been really rewarding and strangely addictive to start projects and finish them. Yesterday, Paul, Tom, Hari and Jourdan finished ripping up the tackless carpet strips, moving the carpet to the garage along with the padding and started and finished painting Peanut's bedroom.

We had to head back to Home Depot for another gallon of Tigger's Tummy yellow and while waiting Hari and Jourdan joked about painting a mouth at Peanut's door and installing a machine to make a gulping sound when your crossed the threshold into the room. While I'm not sure we're going to go that far, I am looking forward to decorating the room soon.

Our hope is to be living in the new house by next Sunday after the flooring guys install the laminate this week. We have a few extra projects to finish (new flooring in the laundry room, finish up packing, order the laundry machines, moving in and maybe install baseboards) too. It's going to be another busy week but I'm looking forward to it! 

Wednesday, June 25

Super Sweet Tooth

I've always had a sweet tooth; and therefore a subsequent interest in baking. Just as in my baking, I always view frosting as negotiable and more often that not unnecessary. So imagine my surprise when I had some cake at work and ate all the frosting and only four bites of cake.

My sneaking suspicion is that Peanut is willing his/her way upon me but Jourdan's theory is that I'm finally turning into him.

Tuesday, June 24

Official Homeowners & Paint Choices

2008 is the year for houses and a little Peanut! As of five o'clock last night, Jourdan and I became homeowners. We celebrated our new status change by making the first of many trips to the hardware store to buy new locks for the front door, garage door and the water heater door. We also purchased some primer, brushes and such to get started on Peanut's room. 

I was hoping to get a few samples to try out on the walls but Home Depot doesn't roll like that. So I picked up several paper samples and I'll try them out tonight. I was really feeling certain about "Tigger's Tummy" yellow but now I'm just not sure. So I grabbed tons of color samples and brought them to work to share and discuss today at lunch.

I figure I can get the primer base on the walls during the week and paint the wall color on Friday and Sunday while the boys are busy ripping up the carpet. Yes, we finally decided on a installer for our laminate flooring and he comes highly recommended by several people in my office. While we decided not to go with real bamboo flooring, we're going to opt for bamboo laminate instead. They'll start on the floors next week so the carpets need to be 86'd this weekend.

Thursday, June 19


Jourdan and I were in the car on our way to lunch before the final inspection of the house. So I'm sitting in the car, not really thinking, just enjoying the heat of the midday when I feel these little fluttering feelings. At first I wondered what strange type of gas is this until I remembered Mesena, my mother trainer/co-worker told me to be on the lookout for baby kicks that feel like flutters. I'm quite excited that Peanut has decided to reach out and punch something (namely my bladder, colon or small instestines).

Wednesday, June 18

Tummy Travels

I just finished eating breakfast this morning when a familiar rumble startled me. It appears that my stomach has been on the road and traveled from its usual central location to a new spot on my right. My co-worker Mesena had mentioned a few times how hearing her stomach growl next to her elbow was a bit alarming and now I know why. Apparently Peanut took to doing some internal organ reorganizing during the night.

Monday, June 16


The rumbling and yearning for something has begun. And I mean something very particular and only that will calm the cries of my tummy. For the last few weeks, the key to my bliss has been Greek salad. Jourdan has indulged me several times a week and either takes me out for Greek salad or we make it at home. 

I didn't really think my new infatuation with Greek salad was an official 'craving' until I woke up one morning and I stared aimlessly into the fridge. All of a sudden a thought popped in my mind "Man, I'd really love a Greek salad for breakfast." 

I've always enjoyed spicy, hot foods and was on a desperate Indian food kick prior to getting pregnant, but since the second trimester hit, I crave the tangy zip of Greek food. Occasionally, as with last Friday, I'll get gyros instead (my mouth is watering as I type) but then the next day on Saturday, I return for my favorite Greek salad. 

Jourdan has been a real trooper and not only eats Greek food more than even Greeks do; but is willing to drive me into Sacramento because I want Greek salad and our local Greek restaurant, Symposium is closed. And he's such a great daddy, that on Father's Day, he got up and made me Greek salad for breakfast. And let me tell you, it was incredibly tasty.

Wednesday, June 11

Second Trimester: Already Spoiled Rotten

Peanut is blessed with friends and family that already love him/her so much. 

I talked to my mom just Sunday and heard that Peanut's got even more new clothes on the way, as soon as we move into the new house! And just yesterday, we received a congratulations card from my granny and mom. 

And Peanut received his/her first book, Moo, Baa, La La La from my student assistant Mairin. She is quite familiar with this book as she used to read it to her little brother and it comes highly recommended.

I haven't even seen Peanut's face or felt the first kick but I already know Peanut is going to be so very loved and spoiled rotten. Reminds me quite a bit of myself, actually.

And an extra special note: My request to telecommute on Fridays, after maternity leave, has been officially approved. I'm overwhelmed with joy at the thought of getting the chance to experience life at home with Peanut and still work. Peanut and I are so blessed.

Tuesday, June 10

My Newest Birthing Coach & Accomplice in Crime

Andrea, my co-worker, has been so such a supportive and caring friend since the day we met. We both like to make a little trouble at work and keep things fun. So imagine the fun, if Andrea were my birthing coach, no? She jokingly offered to fill in for Jourdan, but I think he's committed to the job.

She's also helping me pick out potential boy names! Currently she and I are considering Tobey Maguire Junior Perla. Jourdan doesn't seem too enthused but maybe if I give him some time and wear my new t-shirt! Hmm..maybe not.

Monday, June 9

And the Need to Nest begins...

We found out that we're closing on the house at the end of the month so my need to nest has gone from average ho-hum to OMG MUST NEST NOW. Between deciding on what type of yellow I want to paint the walls to whether I want a theme, I'm starting to get a kick out of looking at baby things.

Luckily, the crib situation is looking promising. My friend Jackie, from WW, has offered her old crib that her daughter has grown out of. Considering Jackie has great taste, this is more than just your average blessing, its a blessing + 2. So once I got thinking about cribs, I couldn't help but think of my favorite crib bedding at Target.

I really like it but I'm not sure. There are just so many choices!

Wednesday, June 4

Everyone Knows about Peanut

We finally felt comfortable to start sharing the news of the pending arrival of Peanut. Besides telling my family, telling all my friends has been so exciting. I told all my WW buddies (who most likely figured it out when I stopped weighing in), my boss and co-workers. Jourdan has been busy telling his boss, co-workers and friends online and in person. And I'm slowly getting around to sharing the news online. 

Everyone has been incredibly supportive and made a wonderful experience even better. And luckily enough, no one has said "Well you certainly look pregnant!" An extra bonus!

Monday, June 2

Results Are In: Peanut = SUPER HEALTHY PEANUT

Last week, Jourdan and I went in for genetic testing for the Peanut. We were both interested in having the testing done and when the health insurance volunteered to cough up the dough for the visit, we made our appointment.

At first I was a bit nervous but Marilyn, our genetic counselor, was really nice and explained how we were in good health and young enough that the genetic lottery was on our side. Even our family tree genetics looked promising.

After the blood test, where the newbie stuck my ringer finger a couple of times in hopes of 5 big drops of blood, we went in for the ultrasound. (See pictures from last week.)

Today Marilyn called in with the results, I confess I wasn't really nervous but was pleasantly reassured by today's info. Peanut has a 1 in 9,900 chance of Down's and a 1 in 10,000 chance for Try-18. It was only after she gave me the good news that I realized the potential for possible bad news. Who knew I was such an optimist?