Monday, June 16


The rumbling and yearning for something has begun. And I mean something very particular and only that will calm the cries of my tummy. For the last few weeks, the key to my bliss has been Greek salad. Jourdan has indulged me several times a week and either takes me out for Greek salad or we make it at home. 

I didn't really think my new infatuation with Greek salad was an official 'craving' until I woke up one morning and I stared aimlessly into the fridge. All of a sudden a thought popped in my mind "Man, I'd really love a Greek salad for breakfast." 

I've always enjoyed spicy, hot foods and was on a desperate Indian food kick prior to getting pregnant, but since the second trimester hit, I crave the tangy zip of Greek food. Occasionally, as with last Friday, I'll get gyros instead (my mouth is watering as I type) but then the next day on Saturday, I return for my favorite Greek salad. 

Jourdan has been a real trooper and not only eats Greek food more than even Greeks do; but is willing to drive me into Sacramento because I want Greek salad and our local Greek restaurant, Symposium is closed. And he's such a great daddy, that on Father's Day, he got up and made me Greek salad for breakfast. And let me tell you, it was incredibly tasty.

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