Tuesday, June 24

Official Homeowners & Paint Choices

2008 is the year for houses and a little Peanut! As of five o'clock last night, Jourdan and I became homeowners. We celebrated our new status change by making the first of many trips to the hardware store to buy new locks for the front door, garage door and the water heater door. We also purchased some primer, brushes and such to get started on Peanut's room. 

I was hoping to get a few samples to try out on the walls but Home Depot doesn't roll like that. So I picked up several paper samples and I'll try them out tonight. I was really feeling certain about "Tigger's Tummy" yellow but now I'm just not sure. So I grabbed tons of color samples and brought them to work to share and discuss today at lunch.

I figure I can get the primer base on the walls during the week and paint the wall color on Friday and Sunday while the boys are busy ripping up the carpet. Yes, we finally decided on a installer for our laminate flooring and he comes highly recommended by several people in my office. While we decided not to go with real bamboo flooring, we're going to opt for bamboo laminate instead. They'll start on the floors next week so the carpets need to be 86'd this weekend.

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