Wednesday, June 18

Tummy Travels

I just finished eating breakfast this morning when a familiar rumble startled me. It appears that my stomach has been on the road and traveled from its usual central location to a new spot on my right. My co-worker Mesena had mentioned a few times how hearing her stomach growl next to her elbow was a bit alarming and now I know why. Apparently Peanut took to doing some internal organ reorganizing during the night.


Cynthia said...

Noni and Aunt Debbie are following this blog on a regular basis, I get a kick of watching Peanut do backflips, but then again I like weird little things, and backflipping babies are strange.

We have a peanut gift as my first gift is traditionally a.... you'll find out.

Jourdan said...

A bottle of scotch?

Cynthia said...

Perhaps...but usually I wait until a kid is a tad bit older for the gift that keeps on giving.