Monday, June 2

Results Are In: Peanut = SUPER HEALTHY PEANUT

Last week, Jourdan and I went in for genetic testing for the Peanut. We were both interested in having the testing done and when the health insurance volunteered to cough up the dough for the visit, we made our appointment.

At first I was a bit nervous but Marilyn, our genetic counselor, was really nice and explained how we were in good health and young enough that the genetic lottery was on our side. Even our family tree genetics looked promising.

After the blood test, where the newbie stuck my ringer finger a couple of times in hopes of 5 big drops of blood, we went in for the ultrasound. (See pictures from last week.)

Today Marilyn called in with the results, I confess I wasn't really nervous but was pleasantly reassured by today's info. Peanut has a 1 in 9,900 chance of Down's and a 1 in 10,000 chance for Try-18. It was only after she gave me the good news that I realized the potential for possible bad news. Who knew I was such an optimist?


Aluciel said...

Yay for healthy baby!!! By the way, Shoe Perla may be the best name I've ever heard in my life. Just throwing it out there, in case you were trying to decide baby names.

Gender neutral and everything... I'm just saying...

Stephanie said...

Really..Shoe? Didn't your sister already claim that name? I wouldn't dream of stealing that from her.