Wednesday, December 31

Thursday, December 25

What Happened

As to be expected, we really didn't have time to update the blog once things got rolling. Saturday night around 11am, more contractions started. These were pretty tough, but we had false alarms before, so we waited it out for a few hours before heading into the hospital around 3am. After some observation and tests we were told we weren't far along enough and sent home *again*. Contractions kept going all night and through the next day. Around 5pm on Sunday we headed in again, her water broke as she put on her shoes, and were finally admitted for good. Contractions were coming on stronger now, making the ones on Saturday night a pleasant memory. Steph was given a low dose of morphine to help her sleep. Thing is, it only really works *between* contractions. So she would have a contraction, immediately pass out into a deep sleep once it was finished, only to wake up again 2 minutes later with the next one, and not even realize she had slept. One of the Sutter nurses, Jennfier, volunteered to stay by Stephanie's side so I could get some rest. I got my forty winks (minutes) and around 6am we got moved to active labor since she was doig so well.

And then the contractions started to peter out. We were told to walk around some, and get ready for induction. We were both still exhausted, so we drug our feet a bit. Took a few laps around the hall, ate breakfast really slowly, took our time with a shower, and generally waited for the nurses to come to us and napped inbetween. The ward was packed that day, with us overhearing the words "pre-term" and "c-section" more than anyone would like to. (Not directed at us, thankfully.) The entire staff was running ragged everywhere, but still managed to be helpful and polite. By the time she actually got the Pitocin, it was around 10am. She had been having very, very strong and painful contractions all this time, and was nearing her breaking point. At 11am, we called in for an epidural. The midwife came in to check on her and said, "Well, I see a head, so how about we just have a baby?"

Stephanie took it all in stride (but a bit shocked at the sudden turn of events). Twenty minutes later, at 11:54am, Violet Isabella Perla was born. Eight pounds even, twenty and a half inches long, with a full head of hair and long eyelashes. The word "perfect" has been used to describe her several times since then.

Wednesday, December 24


You'll find them here in a bit.

We're home!

Deliriously happy. Going through photos now. Mommy's napping. More stuff and photos by tonight.

Things Daddy Doesn't Tell Mommy

So it wasn't until after Violet was born that Jourdan confessed that he'd seen Peanut was a girl during one of the ultrasounds. (Oh the blessing and curse of being a biology major.) What a good daddy that he let mommy be surprised and kept the secret for the entire ten months.

Monday, December 15


We'll be at the hospital tonight. Steph hasn't been sleeping well lately so they want to keep her overnight to help her sleep and monitor her contractions. Nothing bad, just thankfully going the extra mile for us.

Looking for a plan

We're heading in to see the midwives this morning to get a rough timeline for when they'll induce. We aren't inducing today, and we don't know when they will. That's what we're heading in for. We're hoping to avoid Christmas for a variety of reasons.

Saturday, December 13

Peanut is so tricksy

The labor contractions ended just as quickly as they came. Still waiting for Peanut...

Friday, December 12


We're getting closer now. Stephanie was up all night with contractions. Once they got regular we called the midwives and headed into the hospital. Stephanie got checked out and they decided it was too early to keep her. They sent us home with some pills to help her sleep. (She got literally no sleep.) Came home and went to bed around 5am. She's still sleeping, so I assume things have calmed down some. I'm going to let her sleep as long as possible.

I've opened up my Twitter account ( ) so I can send out mass updates from my cell phone. Yes, its completely geeky, but it's the easiest way to get the news out to as many interested parties as possible. I was going to use the blog here, but it's a pain to update without a real computer.

We're cautiously optimistic that this is leading to the home stretch, but we're just as unsure as anyone else. Thanks for your support and patience while we wait for little Peanut to arrive.

Monday, December 8

Happy Due Date!

This pregnancy has been full of surprises and not at all what I expected; but when all is said and done I'm glad we decided to have a baby. Today marks the last 'official' day of my pregnancy and I've carried Peanut to term and completed the necessary 40 weeks. Now I just wait for the little one to make his or her debut.

Sunday, December 7

Contractions Make Me Say OW!

Last night, I was woke up by some contractions. Each time I feel a mini contraction I get so excited but this time there wasn't time to think about being excited. Only time to think...OW! I had some more mini contractions earlier so Jourdan and I went to walk around for a bit while my dad stayed home and watched the football game.

Friday, December 5

Nesting & Dr. Appt.

After a restful nights sleep, I woke up with the desire to clean, clean, clean. I finished cleaning the house around noon and then Jourdan and I went off to meet with the mid-wife. All the midwife would say was it's time to wait and it seems like I'm getting closer to having a Peanut.

Today Dad put up the outdoor Christmas lights today. They look super cute!

Thursday, December 4

Contractions Begin...

Today at 11 I started having contractions that lasted until around 3. We called the midwives and sounds like I'm having a few pre-labor contractions. 

Monday, December 1

Ready to have a Peanut...

I'm so ready to have Peanut now, just have to wait. 

This weekend, Jourdan and dad took down the old baby crib and dad bought us a rocking chair. Interestingly enough, the woman we bought the chair from was from Oklahoma and went to the same university as dad and I. We also went to the Mother and Baby source and I bought cloth diaper inserts and other last minute purchases. It was a busy weekend but a very productive one.

Last night we had dinner at Cynthia's...(yummy lasagna!) and watched football. Just before we left I got this horrible stitch in my side. I called the midwife and checked that everything was okay and she agreed that most likely I just pulled a muscle. Luckily I'm feeling much better this morning. 

I also had more little contractions yesterday night so I'm hopeful we'll be having a little Peanut soon!