Monday, December 1

Ready to have a Peanut...

I'm so ready to have Peanut now, just have to wait. 

This weekend, Jourdan and dad took down the old baby crib and dad bought us a rocking chair. Interestingly enough, the woman we bought the chair from was from Oklahoma and went to the same university as dad and I. We also went to the Mother and Baby source and I bought cloth diaper inserts and other last minute purchases. It was a busy weekend but a very productive one.

Last night we had dinner at Cynthia's...(yummy lasagna!) and watched football. Just before we left I got this horrible stitch in my side. I called the midwife and checked that everything was okay and she agreed that most likely I just pulled a muscle. Luckily I'm feeling much better this morning. 

I also had more little contractions yesterday night so I'm hopeful we'll be having a little Peanut soon!

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wildflrz said...

EXCITING!!! :) Can't wait to see the first pix! Take it easy and don't let that nesting instinct wear you out these last days!