Monday, December 8

Happy Due Date!

This pregnancy has been full of surprises and not at all what I expected; but when all is said and done I'm glad we decided to have a baby. Today marks the last 'official' day of my pregnancy and I've carried Peanut to term and completed the necessary 40 weeks. Now I just wait for the little one to make his or her debut.

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wildflrz said...

Hahaha--well, I'm glad you decided to make Cindy a Gma so my mom has some company. You know you can do that one thing that they say helps things could always give that a try! ; ) I used to go to the bathroom at work and do jumping jacks...and climb stairs...anything I could think of! It got so bad that when I came to work every morning, people apologized to me in stead of saying good morning. :) Anyway...still anxiously waiting....!!!! Make sure somebody tells the girl in Nebraska when her first cousin once removed is born!!!