Tuesday, September 30

Huh? What? Oooh SHINY!

Lately, I've noticed that I'm losing my ability to focus. Such as when I'm reading the newspaper online, I can only read a max of three stories before the idea of reading more bothers me. And last night when I was reading one of Amy's baby books and Jourdan was playing a video game, I kept switching between the two activities to give my brain a reprieve from the other. I'm hoping this is just a new wonderful facet of being 30 weeks pregnant, but just in case I'm going to mention it to the neurologist when I see her tomorrow. 

But maybe I should listen to Dr. Jourdan, he suggested that perhaps what's happening is his DNA is taking control of my mind/body. ;)

Monday, September 29

The Best Beginning...

Jourdan took me back to Sutter Davis to get fitted for my halter monitor. Like the appointment nurse said the entire process took less than 15 minutes. So after she gives me my diary and tapes up my wires and hooks it all up to the monitor, we leave. As we're walking to the car, I try to pull up my pants and in the process pull off the wire. *sigh* I couldn't even make it TWO MINUTES without dislodging something. So Jourdan reattached the wire in the parking lot and I made a note in my diary.

On a happy note, thanks to all these recent trips to Sutter Davis (we've been there 3 times in the last 24 hours--baby class, echocardiogram, halter fitting) Jourdan is feeling quite comfortable with how to get to the hospital when it's time. 


We went in this morning for my echocardiogram. Everything looked good to me, my heart was pumping and made a good swishy sound. Luckily they'll be sending the images on to a cardiologist for an expert opinion this afternoon. We go back to Sutter Davis this afternoon so I can get fitted for my halter monitor to wear until tomorrow.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Peanut again on Wednesday during the 30 week ultrasound, a.k.a. can we find your tum tum, Peanut?

Sunday, September 28

Baby Shower Photos are up!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the baby shower today. We had a great time, and Stephanie is grateful for all your friendship and support. We are so lucky to have such caring (and generous!) friends.

We just posted the photos from today to our Baby Shower Flicker Set. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 25

Compliments to the Cook

Last night, Jourdan made hamburgers for dinner. Beef is without a doubt Peanut's favorite meal; I figured this out since after I eat beef, the number of kicks triples. Now that Jourdan can easily feel the kicks, we put his hand on my tummy while we watched a movie. It was great to get to share Peanut's kicks with Jourdan and let him receive compliments on the meal from our tiniest little diner.

Doctor Appointment

Jourdan and I met with Dr. Henchell (the Stephanie doctor) today. She's really not sure what to make of the IKEA incident so now we're going to rule out all the possibilities. I have to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist, neurologist, radiologist and wear a heart monitor. The plan is to rule things out so we can have a game plan for the upcoming weeks and pending delivery.

Sunday, September 21

Baby Class #1

Jourdan and I signed up for baby class earlier this summer and had our first class Sunday. We met the other eight couples in the class and watched a video all about labor and delivery. One highlight was when this woman was giving birth and the baby's head was out. The baby was white as a crayon and covered in bloody goo; so when the mom saw a reflection of the baby in the mirror she cried "That doesn't look like a baby at all!" Jourdan and several of the other dads and moms nicknamed the crayon baby--lizard baby. 

We also practiced how to focus and breath through contractions. Jourdan held an ice cube against my wrist and I took deep breaths and counted to help me focus through the annoyance. The nurse leading the class admitted that the ice cube wasn't a good substitute for a contraction but it was a good chance to practice. I found that having Jourdan breath with me helped me keep my calm.

We finished the class by taking a tour of the Sutter Davis hospital. It was so helpful to have a nurse take us through and give us tips about how to use the bed to be comfortable. We have another class about labor and delivery next Sunday, after the baby shower.

Me & Frat Boys

Sunday, Jourdan and I met Paul to have a free breakfast at IKEA. I ate my eggs and bacon but the siren call of cinnamon was quite strong so I got a cinnamon roll too. After breakfast we picked up a few picture frames and left to go home. On the ride home, I started feeling woozy and had an episode in the car, in the front yard and came back around on the couch. I'm grateful that we're going to see the Stephanie doctor on Thursday.

But this has made me think of a new joke: What do I have in common with a frat boy? We both pass out in the front yard!

Saturday, September 20

Something I Love: Jourdan's Surprise

To help me with my fainty-ness, Jourdan has decided on an early bedtime for everyone. We usually get in bed around 8:30 each night, sometimes I fall asleep right away and sometimes we just chat or read a book for a bit until I fall asleep. It takes Peanut a bit of time to settle in too. My favorite thing to do is lay on my side and let Jourdan feel Peanut kick and move. Something I absolutely love is hearing him gasp in surprise when he feels a kick or a move. He said once that he never really felt a baby kick so now I make of point of having his hand on my tummy as often as I can. There aren't a lot of ways for Peanut and Jourdan to bond just yet but feeling that sweet little kick is so wonderful that I love to share it with him.

Wednesday, September 17

Third TRY-mester

This morning I feel great! A bit on the huge side but feeling so wonderful, awake and ready for the day. It amazes me how different each morning can be. Just yesterday I was laying on the floor in my office, wondering if I could make it 'til nine. I suppose these constant ups and downs should be a good time for me to prepare for the uncertainty of being a mom.

On the exciting end of things, we've been receiving gifts for the Peanut. Our dear friends from Wisconsin (Catrina, Alu, Myrt & Amie) sent us a highchair for the Peanut. And a very dear student advisor in the office, Yassmin, gave us a super soft blanket and two new outfits.

I'm hoping to focus on getting the house in order for the baby. And ordering a crib this weekend to replace the crib we have which is missing a part that we can't replace. Right now it feels like everything is all about TRYING during this trimester. TRYING not to push myself too hard, TRYING to get everything done and TRYING not to eat too many scoops of Fenton's ice cream. ;)

Monday, September 15

Peanut has the floor!

Today at work, we had an inservice meeting about Accepting Change. The presenter talked about changes in life, at work, etc. During her presentation, Peanut decided to give me a swift kick to the lung and apparently my face must have changed due to the shock. The presenter interpreted that as a response to what she was staying instead and kept mentioning the changes babies can bring throughout the workshop. Apparently Peanut wanted the floor and decided the swiftest way to make his/her opinion known was a punch to the lung. 

Thursday, September 11

Dr. Appt for Mommy

Jourdan and I went in to see my new GP on Wednesday. Everything is fine but she wants to keep an eye on me so I'll be going back to see her in two weeks. I had a very minor episode this morning (didn't drink enough water) but overall I'm doing pretty good. I really think that having the Peanut on board is just enough to tax my system which already runs on low blood pressure (104/60..a nice high # for me!) and low blood sugar. 

My office is throwing a baby shower for me as well! I am so excited!

Sunday, September 7

Dr. Appt.

Jourdan and I went to our appt. with the midwife this week. Peanut is doing perfectly fine but I had another episode in the examination room. The midwife brought in some assistants and smelling salts and brought me back around. Afterwards they ordered some STAT lab tests and worked me in with a general physician (GP). We met with her and they performed an EKG, blood pressure tests and reviewed my lab tests with us. The good news is everything is normal or just a bit low. The GP's guess for the time being is that I need to seriously up my water intake since my volume was low. So now I have water before I go to bed, before I get out of bed and throughout the day. Since Davis water is horrific, Jourdan stocked us up on bottled water and ice. With this week being so warm it's a nice relief to stick back and take a sip of water from time to time. I have a follow up appt. with the GP next week to see how I'm doing. For the time being the water seems to be helping and I haven't had any serious spells, just a little morning wobbliness. 

Must Torture Paul...

At our housewarming party last week, Paul announced that I'm not allowed to ride in his Audi during the 3rd trimester. Of course a statement like this is only throwing the proverbial gauntlet, so now I MUST trick Paul into taking me in the Audi on a long trip to the Bay Area. Jourdan and I have even discussed which bridge we'll wait for until I start faking contractions. BWHAHAHA.