Sunday, September 7

Dr. Appt.

Jourdan and I went to our appt. with the midwife this week. Peanut is doing perfectly fine but I had another episode in the examination room. The midwife brought in some assistants and smelling salts and brought me back around. Afterwards they ordered some STAT lab tests and worked me in with a general physician (GP). We met with her and they performed an EKG, blood pressure tests and reviewed my lab tests with us. The good news is everything is normal or just a bit low. The GP's guess for the time being is that I need to seriously up my water intake since my volume was low. So now I have water before I go to bed, before I get out of bed and throughout the day. Since Davis water is horrific, Jourdan stocked us up on bottled water and ice. With this week being so warm it's a nice relief to stick back and take a sip of water from time to time. I have a follow up appt. with the GP next week to see how I'm doing. For the time being the water seems to be helping and I haven't had any serious spells, just a little morning wobbliness. 

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