Saturday, September 20

Something I Love: Jourdan's Surprise

To help me with my fainty-ness, Jourdan has decided on an early bedtime for everyone. We usually get in bed around 8:30 each night, sometimes I fall asleep right away and sometimes we just chat or read a book for a bit until I fall asleep. It takes Peanut a bit of time to settle in too. My favorite thing to do is lay on my side and let Jourdan feel Peanut kick and move. Something I absolutely love is hearing him gasp in surprise when he feels a kick or a move. He said once that he never really felt a baby kick so now I make of point of having his hand on my tummy as often as I can. There aren't a lot of ways for Peanut and Jourdan to bond just yet but feeling that sweet little kick is so wonderful that I love to share it with him.

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