Sunday, September 21

Baby Class #1

Jourdan and I signed up for baby class earlier this summer and had our first class Sunday. We met the other eight couples in the class and watched a video all about labor and delivery. One highlight was when this woman was giving birth and the baby's head was out. The baby was white as a crayon and covered in bloody goo; so when the mom saw a reflection of the baby in the mirror she cried "That doesn't look like a baby at all!" Jourdan and several of the other dads and moms nicknamed the crayon baby--lizard baby. 

We also practiced how to focus and breath through contractions. Jourdan held an ice cube against my wrist and I took deep breaths and counted to help me focus through the annoyance. The nurse leading the class admitted that the ice cube wasn't a good substitute for a contraction but it was a good chance to practice. I found that having Jourdan breath with me helped me keep my calm.

We finished the class by taking a tour of the Sutter Davis hospital. It was so helpful to have a nurse take us through and give us tips about how to use the bed to be comfortable. We have another class about labor and delivery next Sunday, after the baby shower.

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