Thursday, October 1

Happy Nine Months!

Peace, love, & cookies

(A bit belated, but it's been busy lately.)

Violet nine months old now, and it amazing all that she can do. She's crawling up a storm and chasing Josie the cat all over the house. Her little personality has only gotten stronger, and we can tell she's going to like things her way. She prefers to feed herself, and we're eating, she wants to eat too.

The crawling is the best. Her laugh as she shimmies around the house. How she can now meet us at the door when we grab her from daycare. Watching her as she explores the house.

And Violet's still working on the walking. She's been practicing at night, standing up in her bed instead of sleeping. (We've caught her a few times.) Josie is having to head to higher ground already.

And she's continuing to babble in her cute little voice. No words yet, but she's definitely trying to tell us something. Usually, it's "I want to eat that."

We're so excited to watch her grow up. Time flies when you're having fun.