Wednesday, September 17

Third TRY-mester

This morning I feel great! A bit on the huge side but feeling so wonderful, awake and ready for the day. It amazes me how different each morning can be. Just yesterday I was laying on the floor in my office, wondering if I could make it 'til nine. I suppose these constant ups and downs should be a good time for me to prepare for the uncertainty of being a mom.

On the exciting end of things, we've been receiving gifts for the Peanut. Our dear friends from Wisconsin (Catrina, Alu, Myrt & Amie) sent us a highchair for the Peanut. And a very dear student advisor in the office, Yassmin, gave us a super soft blanket and two new outfits.

I'm hoping to focus on getting the house in order for the baby. And ordering a crib this weekend to replace the crib we have which is missing a part that we can't replace. Right now it feels like everything is all about TRYING during this trimester. TRYING not to push myself too hard, TRYING to get everything done and TRYING not to eat too many scoops of Fenton's ice cream. ;)

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