Wednesday, June 11

Second Trimester: Already Spoiled Rotten

Peanut is blessed with friends and family that already love him/her so much. 

I talked to my mom just Sunday and heard that Peanut's got even more new clothes on the way, as soon as we move into the new house! And just yesterday, we received a congratulations card from my granny and mom. 

And Peanut received his/her first book, Moo, Baa, La La La from my student assistant Mairin. She is quite familiar with this book as she used to read it to her little brother and it comes highly recommended.

I haven't even seen Peanut's face or felt the first kick but I already know Peanut is going to be so very loved and spoiled rotten. Reminds me quite a bit of myself, actually.

And an extra special note: My request to telecommute on Fridays, after maternity leave, has been officially approved. I'm overwhelmed with joy at the thought of getting the chance to experience life at home with Peanut and still work. Peanut and I are so blessed.

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