Monday, November 3

Best Daddy Ever!

Starting Saturday, my stomach is offering less room for Peanut and my abdominal muscles are straining. Now bending over at the waist is not an option because the pain of the muscle moving across my belly is rather too much to take. Jourdan has been great and is now my picker upper helper. If and when I drop something he'll pick it up for me...this is such a relief.

Later on Saturday, he put together the pack 'n play that we received from the baby shower. Funny thing is he put it together in the living room and rolled it over to the bedroom, but it didn't quite fit through the door. So he took it apart again and now it's in place just waiting for Peanut to arrive.

Also in another show of great daddy/husband behavior, he gave me a back massage for 30 minutes Sunday night. I didn't realize how stiff my back and neck were until afterwards. Thanks to his massage, I fell asleep instantly and slept like a log. So in summation, Jourdan = BEST HUSBAND EVER.

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