Sunday, November 23

Maternity Leave Checklist

I'm just not the type not to have a project, so Saturday when I took 2 naps and didn't get around to raking the leaves or sweeping the floors, it felt weird. Jourdan reminded me, once again, that I'm supposed to be taking it easy and relaxing, but the idea of not doing a project feels so foreign to me. So last night I did our laundry and washed the baby's clothes...well half of them. There are just so many cute little clothes to wash and I know that Dad is bringing several with him when he arrives tomorrow. So I figure another load of baby laundry on Monday night will be in order.

This morning while packing my hospital bag (Mesena will be so proud of me!) I started having a few more light contractions. Perhaps Jourdan isn't the only one trying to remind me to take it easy.

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