Sunday, March 1

Newsletter: Month Two

Dear Violet,

It is amazing what a difference just a few weeks make; in just this short amount of time your personality has become more evident. You still enjoy bright lights and being held all the time; but you're now gooing and wiggling in delight when you see your mobile, your dad or me. (The shelf was so last month!) For me the best part is seeing the pride in your eyes when you talk to me and I respond. You so desperately want to tell us everything and see everything.

And see everything you do! Because you're such an incredible baby; we're able to take you parties, out to eat and around town. The entire time, you're likely to be sleeping in your moby wrap next to me but every once in a while you'll glance at a few things. The Apple Store can't hold your interest and neither can the Lego Shoppe but I'm certain when you're older and the phrase "I want.." becomes a regular in your vocabulary, we'll be prying you out of both. Your father and I joke that you are lulled to sleep by the sound of commerce but really any white noise comforts you. At loud parties, people tend to forget your a guest because you just quietly stare or fall asleep. This means quite a bit to me since I have really enjoyed being able to get out with you. Not that you aren't a fascinating conversationalist but I do tend to need words to respond to from time to time.

But as I say that, I know that at this moment in time, I can't fully comprehend how much I'll miss "talking" with you all day. These two months of maternity leave have been a precious gift that is special and irreplaceable, just like the sweet baby in my arms. I love you Violet and hope you know how much your father and I both love you.


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