Sunday, March 22

Newsletter: Month Three

Dear Violet,

This month you spent the days with your Dad, while I went back to work. That first day back was tough but knowing that you were having a good time with your father made the transition much easier. What wasn't so easy for me was coming home for lunch to see you; unlike your father I can exert little to no willpower when it comes to leaving you.

Paternity leave was a true gift! Your father and I both loved his leave and if I had a million dollars, he'd stay home with you while I worked. During the month, you and dad went out outings in your stroller (a first!), played games like patty-cake and watched zombie movies (only once!). Another first, is your father (again with the ability to exert willpower) was able to teach you to nap in your crib. I loved coming home to both of you and getting to snuggle and hold you. I dreamed those days would never end but like all good things they were bound to. Lucky for us, grandma and grandpa Spears were coming out at the end of the month so I had something to look forward to.

The most wonderful thing that happened during month 3 is that you and your dad are now buddies. Not to say you weren't friendly before but a month of exploring tummy time, meeting strange new creatures like the washing machine and traveling to far off distant Nugget Markets together has cemented your love and friendship. Seeing you love him like I do, only proves that you're SO my daughter.


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