Saturday, February 14

Valetine's Day Gifts & Party

Jenny so kindly invited all of us to her house for cards and games on Valentine's Day. Violet was so well behaved and either slept or just rested in our arms. She was the perfect party guest for the entire five hours we stayed. The only mishap was when she peed on her outfit and had to spend half of the party topless. Oh that wild girl! Upon coming home we restocked her diaper bag with a clean outfit just in case such an occasion arises again.

We also opened our Valentine's Day presents. Dad got an Iron Man DVD from me and Violet, a Tropic Thunder DVD from Grandma & Grandpa Spears and some spending cash from Great Grandma Benefiel. Mom got a Wall-E DVD from Dad, a Mamma Mia DVD from Grandma and Grandpa and some spending cash from Great Granny. Violet got a new outfit from Dad, a heated wipe warmer from Grandma and Grandpa Spears and some cash for Violet's college fund from Great Granny.

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