Tuesday, August 19

I'm Tired & Hungry & Peanut just wants Storytime

I stayed home on Monday and today since I've just been so tired. Not just sleepy but exhausted, mentally and physically. After an entire day of resting on Monday, Jourdan called the advice nurse and we went in for blood work to check my blood cell count. The good news is I'm doing fine and still luckily not anemic. But Jourdan suggested I start taking my iron pill anyway and unlike last night I am able to type on my laptop, carry a conversation and walk to the bathroom. A vast improvement. 

Also, of note, the strange cravings have arrived. Tonight I wanted cinnamon and eggs.

One last thing, Jourdan read "Oh the Places You'll Go" to Peanut tonight. And while Jourdan was reading Peanut calmed down, stopped kicking and just gently moved. It's amazing to feel them interact and then to feel Peanut calm down and just slowly move was very cool.

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