Monday, August 25

Speed Drills

This weekend, I'm was working on balancing my blood sugar and up my iron intake. Sunday morning I had another "episode" at Nugget Market but we made it home safely. I got quite upset about all this being out of my control (good training for a baby, no?) but I've realized I can still DO stuff I just can't go, go, go at my normal hyper speed. It's funny, one of my new years goals was to learn balance and while I've given up my 5k/a month goal, Peanut is helping me with another one. Sweet little baby.

Speaking of little, Peanut has definitely made his/her home bigger and my stomach has popped. I am now very pregnant looking and have started doing the pregnant chair sit. As frustrated as I am with giving up control of my body, I am loving the little one I'm giving my control up to. I delight in every little waddle and kick.

And kicks there have been, one morning I woke up to use the bathroom and when I went to lay down I counted 22 kicks in 30 minutes. Apparently Peanut belives that 5 a.m. is a great time to workout. I suppose I can't complain considering I too enjoy a morning workout. I'm just not used to being the punching bag.

ALSO, Jourdan's family gave Peanut 5 new Dr. Suess books to add to the book collection!

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