Friday, August 1

Omega-3 and Pregnancy

I recently got a call from my friend Suzanne. She'd talked to my brother in Tulsa and heard that I was pregnant so she rang me up and we chatted about all things pregnancy and mommy-related. 

She asked how I was doing and if I was taking my vitamins, which I confirmed. Daily I'm downing my pink pre-natal vitamin and stinky gold see-through omega-3 fish oil pill . Suzanne had done the same when expecting her first, Braxton but with Gracie she hadn't been quite as rigorous with her fish oil pill schedule. She mentioned the health benefits of fish oil for the baby, which help with the development of the nervous system, brain and retinas and wondered if they really helped Braxton. She doubted their supposed benefits since Braxton was most recently caught eating dirt and licking the playground equipment at McDonald's while Gracie has yet to lick any swing sets or chew dirt. I imagine the dirt eating/swing licks have more to do with Braxton being a boy but Jourdan and I have been getting a good laugh about her story anyway. 

All this to say I really can't wait until I can stop taking these "fish pills," as I call them. They smell like fish and if I take them on an empty tummy I have fish-flavored burps until noon. So if and when Peanut is at the age to start eating dirt or licking swings and chooses to indulge, I will know who to blame.

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