Tuesday, July 1

The Benefits of Being A Regular

My cravings for Greek food are still quite strong and while I have my favorite places to go in Sacramento and Davis. I'm branching out and eating Greekish food at other establishments, e.g. the falafel pita at the Pita Pit. And while the falafels and greek salads from non-Greek restaurants are tasty I still have my preferences. So last night when we went out for Greek food for the umpteenth time this month, it was a pleasant surprise when the waitress knew our drink order beforehand. Since I've practically got the menu memorized it's easy to order and the food is always delicious. Last night was no exception, in fact we tried a new pizza that was by far better than any we'd had before. At the end of the meal, the waitress drops off the bill and I don't even look at the price (again, I know this place pretty well) because I anticipate it being about $30ish. Our waitress brings back my credit card receipt and I was surprised to see the bill at $13 (with a charge only for the pizza and not the drinks and salad)! I went to the counter to talk to the waitress and let her know the mistake and she smiled and said "It's not a problem; don't worry!" So I thanked her, gave her a big tip and said "See you next time!" Maybe I should have said.."See you on Thursday!" but she probably already knows that. ;)

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