Friday, July 11

Like Mother, Like Peanut

In the spirit of the Olympics, Peanut has been working out and preparing for his/her life as a soccer star. Yes, according to my father, karma does exist and Peanut is kicking proof of that. Apparently when I was a baby I kicked up a storm and Peanut is just following in my footsteps.

Yesterday we met with Lynn, our nurse practitioner at the  new hospital and she used a special doppler microphone to listen to Peanut's heartbeat. All is good and healthy and Peanut's heart is very strong and very fast. But apparently Peanut wasn't in the mood to be interviewed so he/she kicked the microphone just to let us know, we weren't allowed to eavesdrop. 

Other than that, the appointment went quite well; more blood tests, gestational diabetes test (ew! orange soda!), etc. I'm really excited about this new hospital and loved our 5 minute commute from work to the appointment. Our next ultrasound has been scheduled for Monday! I'm so ready for some more Peanut pics!

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Auntie-S said...

Steph, You better watch out, Cynthia said Cameron was the same way never still for a moment and caused her much discomfort.

But both boys were sssooo cute and cuddley and loveable.