Monday, July 7

We've Moved In!

This weekend thanks to lots of friends and family, we moved from the apartment to the new house! Jourdan also went with our friend Hari to pick up the crib, bedding, mattress and baby monitor from our friend Jackie. She has been so wonderful to keep it for us for so long. Now we just need to put it together.

But before we start that project, we still have to finish the baseboards. We installed all the baseboards in the master bedroom and cut all the boards for the rest of the house (still need to do the hallway) but we're going to rent a nail gun to finish them. We got a huge help from Paul who measured the walls while I nailed in the boards and Jourdan miter cut them in the garage.

It feels so nice to wake up in our new house. And yet so weird to see all our furniture fit in the living room of our new place.


Catrina said...

Yay Gratz!

i still demand pictures!

Aluciel said...