Monday, July 14

Peanut Says Hello!

Today Jourdan and I went it for our first ultrasound during the second trimester. I've been so blessed/spoiled by the number of ultrasounds we've had that waiting for an entire month to see Peanut again, felt like an eternity. But it was so worth it! Peanut has really grown and looks much less peanutty now and much more baby like.

As usual Peanut was moving so much that it was hard for the ultrasound tech to get a clear shot, but she did get a classic! Peanut showed us his/her face and waved or more accurately, Peanut's hand was above her/his head when the ultrasound caught this shot.

We also got to watch Peanut swallowing, which is a new trick according to the baby books I'm reading. Peanut has a healthy spine which is instrumental in kicking and flipping around, two of Peanut's favorite hobbies.  We checked out the feet, seen below.

And we got some more face time as Peanut held still for a moment to stare straight on at the 'camera' but just for a moment. This baby is a firm believer in exercising and doing flips.

And we also got a lovely shot of Peanut's profile which was nice to see. I can't wait to actually see this sweet little baby and hold him or her in my arms.

And since I know people will ask, no we did not find out if Peanut is a boy or girl. We firmly stated before the ultrasound began that we didn't want to know and Peanut moved so much that the ultrasound tech couldn't find Peanut's stomach let alone anything else.

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Cyn said...

Wow, you get a lot of pictures theses days. I got ONE only. But the peanutkin is growng right along and looking fine.

Glad to here a bedroom theme is emerging, since i have a room addition plan and needed a these to make it pull together. HeHeHe - too cool for school it will be.

Nona aka Cynthia