Tuesday, July 15

We Start School in September!

Living in Davis, honestly in California, means a midwestern/southern girl like myself has to be "open-minded" and try not to be so quick to dismiss. I knew I needed to take Lamaze classes or something in order to get a little heads up on what to expect during labor; but the idea of sitting on the ground panting with other women and their spouses doesn't really appeal to me. It's sort of like me and yoga, I know it's beneficial for me to do but that doesn't always mean I'm going to go to class.

So after my co-worker, my flooring guy and my new nurse practitioner recommended these classes from Mother and Baby Source, I decided to look into it. On Sunday, I talked to the class leader and I was instantly reassured. She seemed incredibly down to earth and since she's a midwife at my hospital I figured she might offer some inside info for me and Jourdan.

So long story short; Jourdan and I are starting our "Open-Minded" Childbirth Education Classes this September with quite a few other couples who are expecting their babies around the same time as ours. I'm really excited about the class reunion that happens after all the babies are delivered and we get to meet all the new additions. 

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