Wednesday, October 15

Dr. Appointments: Midwives & Neurologists

Today we had two doctor appointments, the first was with the midwife to check up on Peanut. We talked about having a volunteer doula in the room with us. Doulas primarily just offer support to the support person and offer suggestions of things to try to help ease the mom's pain. Since I have NO idea what to expect during labor, nor does Jourdan, we're definitely interested in having someone else to help. Since the doulas are available only on a volunteer basis, we might have one there and we might not. But either way, we'll be fine but I see no harm in taking advantage of the services available to me.

The midwife also let Jourdan use the doppler to listen to Peanut's heartbeat. Peanut's heartbeat was strong and fast as usual but this time, Peanut showed great skill in locating the doppler pressed against my belly and kicking it. Apparently, Peanut really isn't too fond of us eavesdropping. 

I also got a flu shot and got a cute kids band-aid as well as we talked about picking out a pediatrician. Jourdan and I really liked the pediatrician we met during the 4th baby class so we made a prenatal appointment to visit with Dr. Lee in two weeks.

At the neurologist's office, we did more reflex tests and talked about how I've been feeling. I mentioned my recent severe fainting episodes and Dr. Miller agreed that the diagnosis is the same but that I just need to be careful to eat regularly and lay down when I feel faint. She also ordered more lab tests for me. Basically, same story as before I have low blood pressure and low blood sugar so when I feel faint I need to take it easy. To help my blood pressure, I need to continue to snack on salty things (yeah for pretzels) and for my blood sugar, I need to snack throughout the day. Luckily work is letting me telecommute, which Dr. Miller suggests I take advantage of, so I can avoid moving too much when I'm feeling woozy.

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