Wednesday, October 1

Peanut has got me in a choke hold

I woke up from sleeping cause I had this strong burning sensation in my throat. It's been so long since I've felt the sting of heartburn but when coupled with short breath it's worse. I've heard from my friend Dorothy that this is incredibly normal but the feeling of Peanut sleeping against my lungs isn't something I hope to get used to. 

Jourdan had a great idea last night and started talking to the baby at the bottom of my belly. In response, Peanut woke up and moved lower giving me a chance to breath and waddle to the kitchen for a glass of milk. Afterwards I moved my pillows so that they are much higher now and gravity is helping to give my lungs and tummy some "breathing room" as well.

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Cyn said...

So, is the verdict in on the cardiologist or are the test still pending. Yes, babies are a source of all kinds of uncomfortable fun the last three months. It i s getting close and I am getting excited. Yeah Baby a coming.