Thursday, October 9

Childcare Class

Last night, Jourdan and I went to the fourth class of our 'Open-Minded Childbirth' class series, this one focused on taking care of a newborn. We covered quite a bit in the class; swaddling, bathing, diapers (cloth vs. disposable), car seats, baby carriers and a local pediatrician visited to discuss vaccinations and answer other questions from parents.

My personal favorite moment: The teacher shows us the front of the baby doll she's just diapered and says "Now this looks right, doesn't it?" And as everyone looks up from their own doll she turns the doll to show us that the back of the diaper is just barely covering the doll's butt and says "But see this is a problem." And then one of the fathers says "I know, but it's the way the kids wear their clothes these days." BEST LINE EVER.

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