Wednesday, October 1

No Goombas & No Pulse

I met with the neurologist this afternoon; a very friendly doctor who knew the ways of the faint. I was really able to talk to her about how I feel when I'm passing out and she perfectly understood since she herself has done the same. She tested my reflexes, eye movement and asked me questions (two of which I almost failed!) which all checked out normal.

After reviewing my recent labs, she is pretty certain that my incredibly low blood pressure is the culprit. And that drinking more water will help me but I need to add salt to my diet since my salt levels are so low as well. Basically, I'm just passing all this water through because there is no salt in my body to hold on to it. She had me lay down for two minutes and took my blood pressure (90/52) and then had me stand up and not only could she not get a BP reading but she couldn't find a pulse. (Walking dead?) So, I'm supposed to try juice/gatorade in between the water to help me hold on to some of the good stuff as well as add more salt to my diet. I have a follow up appointment with her in two weeks.

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