Monday, October 6

Fueled by Peanut Power

While waiting for Dr. Henchell to arrive, I laid back on the examination table and flipped through some random family magazine. Jourdan sat across from me and played with my new (yet to be nicknamed) iPhone. And Peanut as is typical, decided to play soccer with mommy's stomach. So basically a typical day in the life of the Perla family. At some point, Jourdan looked up from the iPhone and noticed that my shirt was moving. Yes, Peanut is now strong enough that each kick makes me stomach bounce and shake so even if he can't feel the Peanut-powered kicks you can easily see them. Considering our current energy crisis, I'm wondering if I can't bottle this Peanut-Power and fuel the car or a small factory.

1 comment:

Aluciel said...

I think, at the very least, you should be able to harness the energy as back up battery power for the iPhone. I mean, it's tiny, peanut's tiny... I can't see how it wouldn't work.