Wednesday, October 15

Last Baby Class

Tonight was the last of our series of baby classes and this one focused on breast feeding. We both learned quite a bit and I'm nervous/excited about giving it a chance. I'm hoping that Peanut and I can figure this out together cause I feel like neither of us have a real idea about how this works.

Jourdan attended the class with me, which seemed natural enough to me, but a few dads were no-shows. I've been so lucky that he has been so supportive of me and helping me out as each week I seem to need help with something else that I didn't the week before.

The next time the class will meet is a "reunion" sort of event with each of the new families in attendance. At the end of the class, Nancy asked if anyone would be interested in forming a mom's group, so maybe we'll meet up earlier than the reunion.

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