Tuesday, April 28

First Food: Avocado

Last night, Jourdan, Violet and I took a walk to Nugget market to get dinner. I've been on a tomato/basil/mozzarella kick lately and I wanted to give Vi a chance to try solid foods. Dr. Lee had suggested fruits and vegetables so I picked up an avocado to try out.

However upon arriving home, Violet was asleep which worked nicely so Jourdan and I were able to get our dinner ready while she slept. When she finally woke up she was hungry so I excitedly got the avocado mushed in her plate while Jourdan set up the high chair. And then I got the camera set to capture the moment. All this hype, I was just so excited. But the chair, the camera, the bowl and spoon proved to be too much new stuff for Vi. She just wasn't really digging it (although I did get some great footage!) so we took her out of her chair and just let her sit on my lap while we watched TV together. She started getting restless during the middle of the show so I pulled her high chair tray over to us and moved her hand to the blob of avocado and just let her play. And play she did! Somehow she got green goo on her forehead, arms, feet, belly and ears!

Finally I put a bit on my finger and she grabbed it and pulled it to her mouth. I realized later that she's very used to putting our fingers in her mouth and that it might be easier to introduce foods to her like this for a little while and introduce the spoon slowly. I'm happy to say she gobbled the bits of avocado down and seemed to really be enjoying herself.

Jourdan kept reminding me what Dr. Lee had said about just letting her play with her food for the time being and not to focus on feeding her. Once I relaxed and just let her have fun then she decided she'd like to eat.

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