Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day


While Violet is to young to understand that she has the best mother a child could ask for, I'm absolutely certain that she knows it. You are an amazing mother, exceeding even my wildest expectations in your ability to love and care for our child.

This weekend, while I was quarantined from our daughter with some sort of bug, you single-handedly took care of both our child and our home while enduring your own major pains. I think that fits the definition of 'mother' perfectly in your willingness to put your family before your own self.

So, Happy Mother's Day, "Mommy".

P.S. - Speaking for Stephanie and myself, we'd also like to thank our own Mothers for all the support, love, and guidance they've given us over all the years.

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Perla said...

Lovely posting me boyo - I love you all too. Nona