Monday, May 25

Newsletter: Five months already?!

Look Ma! Hands!

It's been only five months since we first met you and were amazed at how fast you've grown. You're getting smarter and more able every day. You start every morning 'talking' up a storm, telling us about all your wonderful dreams. You can help hold your own bottle. You're starting on solid foods. (Pears are a favorite, and you'll down a whole jar if we let you.) You can roll on your tummy whenever you want, and crawling isn't far behind.
But with all these new joys, we've lost some as well. You've gotten used to sleeping in your crib, so naps with Mommy and Daddy are few and far between. Our arms are a bit too small to get comfy in, so it's rare we get to hold you while you peacefully sleep. You've gotten almost too big for Mommy's moby-wrap, so she doesn't get to have you next to her while she's shopping.
And of course, your impending mobility means we can't put off baby-proofing any more. Eeek!

Love, Mom and Dad

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