Sunday, April 19

Newsletter: Month Four

Dear Violet,

Month four has been time of growth, physically and emotionally for all of us. For starters, you're growing like a little violet and getting stronger and smarter every day. You're also much more social though only for a limited time (mostly after naps and morning). Speaking of being social, you can be quite the charmer when you are so inclined, in fact you can charm college kids into cooing at you from across the room.

And you needed little to no social prowess, to charm the pants of your Grandma and Grandpa Spears when they visited at the end of the month. Just like your me, you promptly wrapped us around your smallest finger with the slightest coo or eye flutter. It was easy to see that my weakness towards you is inherited; when Grandpa couldn't even let you cry yourself to sleep. You were held constantly by both of them, which you adored, and enjoyed sleeping on Grandpa's chest instead of the crib. Seeing you with my parents was really a blessing and was the first time I understood how wonderful it could feel so see my family love you.

Month four was also a chance for your father and I to grow and support each other as you started daycare. April first, two thousand and nine will always stand out in my mind, for so many reasons, both happy and sad. Leaving you at daycare even thought it was with Jackie, who made the day significantly easier by being so supportive and understanding, was really tough.

March was tough in a different way, leaving you then was me acknowledging that the "you and me" time was coming to an end. But it was comforting to know that your "you and dad" time was just beginning. March was bittersweet but I adjusted quickly, but April was tough in a new way. Knowing that neither your dad or I would be witnessing every smile, every giggle and dirty diaper (yes, I miss those too!) was tough. Every day is so precious to me and not witnessing every second of that time is quite an adjustment.

But we're all growing and learning and now at mid-April I'm learning too! I'm learning NOT to message Jackie 15 times a day as well as that you're better off not spending every moment in the momma or daddy bubble. You love daycare and I'm starting to accept that our special "you and me" time is now a cherished memory but there are so many more to come that I can't really be sad. And that is quite a bit of growing for the both of us!


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